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beautiful bailey 

Dear Bailey,

A year ago today, I saw your big brown eyes at Angels for Animals in Canfield, Ohio. You were so overjoyed that someone came to visit you.  I always thought that you thought, what am I doing in this shelter anyway? It was certainly apparent immediately that you did not belong there and that you deperately wanted to go for walks, be played with all the time and be with people who would love you forever. After meeting you I knew that we would be perfect for each other. It was a a Friday night and our new porch was being built, so Russell could not come with me to the shelter. After playing with you, walking you and having our first “kissing exchange,” I knew I had better call him to say that you were going to share our world. Like a commercial for poor cell phone service, Russell could not hear me well, for he was at the Home Depot getting some materials that the workers needed. I was yelling into the phone how cute you were and he kept saying, “what?” I figured I would take my chances and bring you with me that very night.  After driving the 35 plus miles back to our house, Russell was outside and his first comment was, “she’s big.” Weighing 35 pounds and were quite underweight for a border collie.

When we first discussed getting a dog we talked about a small dog. You were not small, but you certainly were not big, either. The first few weeks took Russell a lot of getting used to. He was doubting that he even wanted a dog, but he quickly saw that Safari and I were madly in love with you and your ebullient personality. You need us and and we needed you. Safari wanted his new pal to stay and I was not going to let that adjustment period be an issue. We got through all that and your many bouts of tummy trouble and visits to the vet. Here we are, we are both a year older. A lot wiser and much more in love. When I first thought of adopting an older dog, I had to deal with the fact that you never know how long you will have with each other. I soon realized that you never know how long you have with anything in life and you just have to be greatful to just “be” and enjoy all the happiness that comes your way. I think that is the gift we give each other every single day, don’t you?

It is my responsibility as your mommy to give you lots of my love and the very best care and in the world. I know that you are aware that I do that and you are deserving of such attention. You are a joy to be with each day, Bailey. We love you and we are glad that you feel the same about us.