The Color of Bailey


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Dear Mommy,

I know you keep visiting our tree and I keep telling you that I would write to you but I haven’t and I feel badly, so I wanted to take some time to do that this morning!

I just am always so busy with taking care of everyone and working here in Hyfryd. I have messages from Safari, Cheetah, Tarzan and Freedom! They all have been bugging me to write to you so they could relay how much they love and miss you. Of course I do too but I have all this responsibilities being the Mom here. Basically I am you up here. There is always so much to do. They are all doing great and I am too.

Can you believe how big our tree has grown at Buhl Park? Wow! It looks so pretty in the Fall with the beautiful red leaves (my favorite color) but when they start to fall off it looks so skinny doesn’t it? I think they tree’s growth shows us how time moves right past us with such subtly. Do you notice how I make the wind blow every day when you come visit? I know you plan on coming today in the rain after your appointment and I cannot wait to see you. I feel you when you kiss the leaves too. I like watching the dogs in the doggie park. Only you could have picked the perfect spot for the tree! Remember when there was no dog park? Now it’s even more joyful!

Hyfryd is getting ready for Christmas too. Yours truly is in charge of all the decorations in our section of town. Oh! I forgot to tell you the best news! How could I forget? Three months ago I opened two businesses. Well, of course everything here in Hyfryd is free. Remember how I used to knock over your Starbucks so I could get a taste of coffee? I know I was not supposed to do that but I just could not help myself sometimes! Anyway I opened Bailey’s Pup Cup Coffee Cafe! That was another reason I was so busy. Of course we can drink or eat anything here without getting sick – that is one really cool thing that everyone LOVES! We don’t have to be worried about fat-free, grain-free or anything. We are really free to enjoy everything! And right next door is the Kit Kat Kitchen, which of course is headed up by Tarzan and Safari and Cheetah and Freedom work with the customers! All our food and drinks are so yummy! The Hyfryd News rated both places 10 starts out of 10!

So all is well up here Mommy. I have pictures of everyone in our family on the walls of both places, including these favorites of yours but I think we have about 10,000 pictures!Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 4.02.46 PM.png

bailey buhl fall 4.jpg

I love you Mommy! I miss you every second of every day and you know a little of me is inside Joy – you know that and feel it every time she rolls around our tree in the park the second you arrive. I am there too, right next to you, smiling. Give Joy and Sabie a kiss for me. Safari told me to tell you to tell Sabie quit the biting. I know, you told him too 1000 times, I think he is improving, but he is still a baby. Keep working on him says Safari.

I promise to write more often and you do the same! I am sending you a million hugs and kisses from me and the kitty crew.

All My Love,

Bailey Girl

The Joy Beneath Your Tree


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Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.08.58 PM.pngJoy always stands beneath your tree, the second we arrive at your  special place in the park. There, she rolls in the grass each time with such glee, Part of you is part of her. I just know it.

I was thinking about how your personalities differ and how they are similar. Both Border Collies, you love intensely and you were very smart, just as Joy is. There is a strength in Border Collies that I much admire but their intense drive to love is what I love the most.  You were the kindest dog to everyone you met. Joy loves meeting new people but she is more choosey than you were. I think of you everyday Bailey, Joy and I have never been to the park without visiting your tree. I continue to feel your love fro the heavens above and envelopes me in a beautiful way that allows me to see you through Joy. I love you and am so thankful I was the one that got to rescue you and give you the senior life you deserved. We are only passing through this earth but I am sure glad that you were my daughter. I will love you always. Write Soon Bailey!


A Shared Birthday Kiss…


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Dear Bailey,

It was the day before my birthday last month and I was walking into a grocery store when I noticed this sweet girl waiting patiently in the car for her peeps to return. I went in and then saw her again as I was leaving so I stopped to talk to her this time.

Suddenly a man walks up and starts talking to me saying how nice it was that I was spending some time talking to his dog and that she loves everyone. A second later, his partner comes up and says, “Has she kissed you?” “Not yet I exclaimed!” “She will,” he said proudly, agreeing with his partner’s statement that she loved everyone. I asked if she was a Springer Spaniel and the two nice men from Canada confirmed my guess. I said that she was really sweet and soft and then she kissed me. “Let me get a picture of her with you on your phone!” “Oh that would be so nice,” I said, knowing I would use this for our blog.

“One more thing guys. What is her name?” “Bailey,” he said. “My heart raced and it figured, that one day before my birthday, another Bailey girl would be here on earth giving me kisses because my Bailey was over the Rainbow Bridge in Hyfryd managing the town – for those of you who read our book, Letters To Each Other,” you know what I mean.

Thanks Bailey for helping my Bailey come and give me a special birthday day kiss. The book, A Dog’s Purpose talks about this phenomenon.  My Bailey is part of many Bailey girls and that was the best birthday gift of all. I love you my Bailey and I loved that another Bailey let us share kisses together.

Faith and Love


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Dear Mommy,

Just want you to know that Me, Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Jane and Lucky are having a lot of fun up here in Hyfrd over the Bridge. We are having the town’s BIG Christmas party tonight and of course I am the coordinator!  I will herd everyone over there at 6pm and light up Hyfryd in the town square! It looks just like all the Hallmark movies you watch!

I cannot believe it’s been five years since you kissed me and held me, can you? I know you see me in so many ways and I certainly see you as well. Just know that love and faith is the glue that holds us tightly together. Always and Forever. #ADogsPurpose I love you Mommy!

Your Bailey Girl….xoxooxoxoxooxox

Bailey’s Tree- Fall’s First Blush


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The weather is finally Fall-like in Western, Pennsylvania. Bailey’s tree, her beautiful Red Maple, is dedicated to her at Buhl Park. We spent a lot of time there, as do Joy and I.

I love to watch the tree grow grow bigger each year and each Fall we look at the leaves and watch the little bits of red paint blush the tree leaves. Red was Bailey’s color. It was the color of her Coach collar and leash. A Red Maple is so fitting for her special tree and that is why I chose it.

The dog park she now faces was not there when the tree was planted. It is a new addition to the park and her tree has a perfect view of the dogs romping and playing. It’s perfect.

The leaves have just started to turn. I like that the change is slow and subtle. Joy and I walk in the park so many days during the week and it’s fun to see what changes happen right before our eyes.

Fall has always been my favorite season. It’s so colorful and crisp, although global warming has made it much warmer then I would like. I remember when September and October were freezing growing up in Chicago. 

Bailey died in the Fall of 2011, so while I love Fall it also brings  with it the anniversary of her crossing the Rainbow Bridge although I never feel like I am without her. She is omnipresent and she is within my heart. In the Fall and in each season, as the moon grows full and the earth rotates, we live our lives connected by nature.


Bailey, The Ambassador of Love & Friendship Welcomes Ma Cherie…


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Dear Mommy,

I wanted you to write to you today to tell you to let her Mommy Jennifer know  that Ma Cherie is here with all of us. She got here safely and I met her right over the Bridge as you had requested when you talked to me at our tree the other day.

Cherie is so cute and she is very happy to be free of cancer. I showed her the house next door to me and Barkley where all your sons and daughters are. She thinks Safari is quite handsome and by the way he sends his love along with everyone else. Cherie told me she was an only cat so she was super happy to move in with Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Jane, Lucky, Shauna, Grayson, Tiger, Tom, and Smarty. She said she could not believe there were so many cats to run and play chase with! She seems to be having a great time. We all built her bed before she got here but she spent her first night curled up with Safari and Cheetah in Safari’s bed. That Safari is quite the ladies man you know…he even went down to the Kit Kat Cafe and bought her some new toys of her own. She started playing with them and batting the little mousies over to Cheetah and Shauna right away.

I know Jennifer is probably feeling so very sad and you said she would probably find solace in going to church today so that is why i wanted to send this on Sunday. Tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah- the Jewish New Year. You know there is nothing we do not celebrate here!  Religion here is all mixed into one. Tell Jennifer that it is a time of renewal and faith for goodness to come in the New Year for our family and friends, in case she is is not familiar with its meaning. Cherie was really happy to be arriving at such a time of celebration she said.

And she asked me to tell Jennifer a few things. She said this: Tell my Mommy that I was so happy when she and your mommy found her at that crazy shelter in Chicago. I loved my mommy so much because she worked from home and I was able to be around to help her all the time. Tell her that I was glad we got in one last road trip, it was fun. Oh and tell her I was sorry for eating the Lilly’s that made me so sick and she said thank you for saving my life even though it cost a fortune. She said that she and Jennifer had a great life dedicated to each other. She also mentioned that she was worried that mommy would be so sad that she would drink too much wine, so she said not to! She said she wanted her to celebrate her life instead of mourning it. I told her that you and I wrote a whole book about this subject and as the Leader of Love here in Hyfryd, I have to tell Jennifer what we have come to know. You are only separated by a physical presence . Cherie lives in your heart and you and hers, that is something I know for sure.

And Cherie said one last thing. She wanted Mommy not to take too long before helping another or maybe even 2! Cherie said that it would have been nice to have another cat to play with so her advice is to consider a pair, perhaps siblings? she said. She told me her mommy used to talk to her a lot so she will need some kids to keep her company, cuddle and greet her with meows at the door. Cherie said that there are so many who need homes and rescuing is the greatest reward, as she has come to know this is true. Cherie said the the purpose of the Rainbow Bridge is that one crosses a new life begins for those who cross and one who awaits a new home on the other side. Cherie said she will be with you so keep your eyes wide open for the love that awaits. Part of me, she said, will be in the next one or two (1) that she sends your way.




The Purpose of A Dog is Love


Dear Bailey,

Tomorrow is the day 5 years ago you left us in physical spirit but not a day goes by without your life beating in a large space in my heart and I am sure part of you in inside Ms. Joy. When I was walking her today at the park and visiting your tree I thought about the book, A Dog’s Purpose, which I read after you went over the Rainbow Bridge. Well, they are making a movie of the book and I will be the first one in line on January 26th. Of course the book begins with a dog names Bailey.

I remember thinking after I read that book not only do I totally agree that every animal we rescue takes on the spirit of the former fur child, but that a dog’s purpose is simply love and you and I loved each other so much even though you were a senior when I found you and we did not have as much time together as we would have liked, but I think I crammed at least 15 years of fun and love into the 3-1/2 years we enjoyed together. You were such a pleasure to be with and you shared your love so freely.  Joy is learning to do that more and more with others and I am certain you are helping out with that, and I am proud of her and you for caring so much about Joy, who is, like you a special girl who I am madly in love with.

I just wanted to say that you missed physically every day Bailey but you are with me and I am with you always and forever in our hearts and souls.

With all my love,


In the Shadow of the Big Trees


Dear Mommy,

I am now in the shadow of the big trees, but look at how beautiful I am growing. I love how Joy rolls around in the grass as if to say hello to me. I hear you always call me her sister, even though we never met. Joy and I are Angel Sisters, like you and your friend Cathy Metry. Some people are so connected that even if they do not see each other in a long time, they think about the other person and are happy for what is happening in each other’s lives. And that reminded me that you two should have a phone conversation pretty soon. Maybe after you get back from your trip?

Things are great here in Hyfryd. Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Barkley, Shauna are all living right next door. You sure love your cats don’t you? Well, Barkely is not a cat but he’s a tiny dog! I love him! I am still looking for Bagels, your first dog that went to live at your grandma’s because your mom would not give into your dad! I know, I know, you and April will always remember that! I have the word out for him and it was reported that my friend Hatchi had once met him because they were both from Chicago!

I have to say though that I sure do miss your kisses. Every time you kiss the leaves on the tree I feel it on my face and that is why the wind blows when you do that! You and I will always be together just as we both thought. When you fly in the sky on Monday, you make sure to look out there for me because I will be waving my paws at you like I always do! I love you so much and thanks for making me a new Facebook page so I could have a regular page with good friends!

Give daddy, joy and sabie a kiss for me. Write back soon!

All my love…Bailey







Bailey’s Christmas Visit


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Tonight is Christmas Eve. Two connected things happened this week of Christmas, always a magical time. I had posted on Facebook how much I was missing my Bailey. The next day, this rainbow appeared in my front bathroom over the shells that have been collected on the beach over the years.

I had a free day and planed on Christmas shopping and taking some me time, but after dropping off my husband and his friend to the marina for a day of fishing I stopped back home, looked at Joy and said, let’s go to the beach. It was so early I figured I could make her happy and get in some me time as well.

Joy was so excited as I put money in the meter and we walked onto the beach. The surf was high and made beautiful windy water sounds. A woman was there with her cute daughter Ava, and this little gray dog. We started chatting and because our dogs wanted to meet so badly they were whimpering in sync. She complimented Joy on what a beautiful dog she is and I replied that her dog was cute and asked her the dog’s name. “Bailey,” she said. I knelt down and I said, “Of course you are Bailey coming to visit me Christmas week.” I petted her and she just looked at me so sweetly. We chatted for a while longer and we realized we were also part time resident in Pennsylvania. I in the West, and she in the Eastern half of the state. Yes I was sure it was Bailey.

Since Bailey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in the Fall of 2011, she continues to be with me in different forms. We wrote our book together, Letters to Each Other, which grew out of this blog.

I hope people embrace the thought that this is probably not all there is. How else do you explain deja vu? I think those feelings you get that something has happened before or some act feels familiar, are in between places where true loves never dies . BAILEY FAV PIC SMALL

As we move toward 2016, I wish everyone peace on Earth and a true connection with those you love and always keep them in your heart.

Bailey's Santa Look!

I know I am the best!