The Purpose of A Dog is Love


Dear Bailey,

Tomorrow is the day 5 years ago you left us in physical spirit but not a day goes by without your life beating in a large space in my heart and I am sure part of you in inside Ms. Joy. When I was walking her today at the park and visiting your tree I thought about the book, A Dog’s Purpose, which I read after you went over the Rainbow Bridge. Well, they are making a movie of the book and I will be the first one in line on January 26th. Of course the book begins with a dog names Bailey.

I remember thinking after I read that book not only do I totally agree that every animal we rescue takes on the spirit of the former fur child, but that a dog’s purpose is simply love and you and I loved each other so much even though you were a senior when I found you and we did not have as much time together as we would have liked, but I think I crammed at least 15 years of fun and love into the 3-1/2 years we enjoyed together. You were such a pleasure to be with and you shared your love so freely.  Joy is learning to do that more and more with others and I am certain you are helping out with that, and I am proud of her and you for caring so much about Joy, who is, like you a special girl who I am madly in love with.

I just wanted to say that you missed physically every day Bailey but you are with me and I am with you always and forever in our hearts and souls.

With all my love,


In the Shadow of the Big Trees


Dear Mommy,

I am now in the shadow of the big trees, but look at how beautiful I am growing. I love how Joy rolls around in the grass as if to say hello to me. I hear you always call me her sister, even though we never met. Joy and I are Angel Sisters, like you and your friend Cathy Metry. Some people are so connected that even if they do not see each other in a long time, they think about the other person and are happy for what is happening in each other’s lives. And that reminded me that you two should have a phone conversation pretty soon. Maybe after you get back from your trip?

Things are great here in Hyfryd. Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Barkley, Shauna are all living right next door. You sure love your cats don’t you? Well, Barkely is not a cat but he’s a tiny dog! I love him! I am still looking for Bagels, your first dog that went to live at your grandma’s because your mom would not give into your dad! I know, I know, you and April will always remember that! I have the word out for him and it was reported that my friend Hatchi had once met him because they were both from Chicago!

I have to say though that I sure do miss your kisses. Every time you kiss the leaves on the tree I feel it on my face and that is why the wind blows when you do that! You and I will always be together just as we both thought. When you fly in the sky on Monday, you make sure to look out there for me because I will be waving my paws at you like I always do! I love you so much and thanks for making me a new Facebook page so I could have a regular page with good friends!

Give daddy, joy and sabie a kiss for me. Write back soon!

All my love…Bailey







Bailey’s Christmas Visit


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Tonight is Christmas Eve. Two connected things happened this week of Christmas, always a magical time. I had posted on Facebook how much I was missing my Bailey. The next day, this rainbow appeared in my front bathroom over the shells that have been collected on the beach over the years.

I had a free day and planed on Christmas shopping and taking some me time, but after dropping off my husband and his friend to the marina for a day of fishing I stopped back home, looked at Joy and said, let’s go to the beach. It was so early I figured I could make her happy and get in some me time as well.

Joy was so excited as I put money in the meter and we walked onto the beach. The surf was high and made beautiful windy water sounds. A woman was there with her cute daughter Ava, and this little gray dog. We started chatting and because our dogs wanted to meet so badly they were whimpering in sync. She complimented Joy on what a beautiful dog she is and I replied that her dog was cute and asked her the dog’s name. “Bailey,” she said. I knelt down and I said, “Of course you are Bailey coming to visit me Christmas week.” I petted her and she just looked at me so sweetly. We chatted for a while longer and we realized we were also part time resident in Pennsylvania. I in the West, and she in the Eastern half of the state. Yes I was sure it was Bailey.

Since Bailey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in the Fall of 2011, she continues to be with me in different forms. We wrote our book together, Letters to Each Other, which grew out of this blog.

I hope people embrace the thought that this is probably not all there is. How else do you explain deja vu? I think those feelings you get that something has happened before or some act feels familiar, are in between places where true loves never dies . BAILEY FAV PIC SMALL

As we move toward 2016, I wish everyone peace on Earth and a true connection with those you love and always keep them in your heart.

Bailey's Santa Look!

I know I am the best!







Time For a Winter Nap…


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For readers of this blog, you know Joy and I spend much time walking at Buhl Park, which just celebrated its 100th birthday! The difference between Bailey’s tree between August and today is vast as these two pictures illustrate. It is time for the tree’s winter nap.

I do not ever think I have ever voted when the temps touched the 70’s in early November. Tomorrow Joy and I will visit Joy’s tree and take a long walk for the last time before the trip to the South for the winter. We won’t be back until the end of May and when we do return it doesn’t take me more than 24 hours to get back to the park to see Bailey’s tree. While she is buried in the yard, it is always at the park I most feel her presence. Joy and I cannot go there without a bird landing on the tree, a squirrel playing hide and seek or a rustle of the leaves by a sudden burst of wind. Something always happens. Always.

As we head around the corner on the path that leads to the tree, I always say to Joy, “let’s go to Bailey’s tree now.” Joy knows the way. She’ too is a Border Collie and she is very smart. The minute we get there, she rolls all over the grass. Some days she does not want to stay too long and move on, but I never leave without talking to Bailey’s tree and touching the leaves while looking up toward the sky.

No matter where the atoms that comprise our body are, our spirit and soul is everywhere and omnipresent. At this time of year, when I know I won’t be at the park for many months, it sort of saddens me, but then I find Bailey on the water when I am on the boat. She loved to go to the beach and be on the water with her long hair whispering in the wind. Joy does too. I am grateful that I am blessed with Joy and her new kitten Sabie, who will be experiencing this road trip for the first time.

Bailey’s red Coach leash remains in a special place inside the car and travels with us. Like I said, she really never left. Her tree will nap during Winter’s rest and when we return it will be green and in bloom. By then, the dog park will be right behind our tree with barking happiness all around.

IMG_0375   Bailey at Buhl Park, age 8, 2009

joy and me fall buhl 2015 by Bailey's tree Joy, Me and the tree…Bailey's tree winter nap 2015 Bailey's Tree Aug 2015 joy rolling around buhlsabie gorgeous pic october 2015

If It Weren’t for Bailey…


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Dear Bailey,

While Joy and I visit your tree so many times a week, I often think about how positively our lives still intersect. I always knew they would, I just wasn’t sure how but things just seem to happen because of you. It’s just the kind of dog you were here on earth.

I am sure you and everyone over the Rainbow Bridge heard about Pope Francis coming to America. After all, he took the name of the best Saint, St. Francis of Assisi, the one known for his love of animals. It’s no wonder everyone loves him he seems to be more progressive than previous Popes and he enjoys people, just like you did.

When the Pope was here, I watched him and listened to things he was trying to convey to people. One was to be of service and do simple things, one of which was to help an older person who lives alone. And that got me thinking that recently, my friend Cathy, had asked me if I had seen Mr. Bruce. Remember Mr. Bruce? We talked about him on the back cover of the book. He was the Vietnam vet in the wheelchair we would always see fishing around Lake Julia at the park. You sure loved him and he loved you too.

Well, I never told Cathy on Facebook that I did go to see him a month ago and was happy to know that he was still alive but when I saw him he was on oxygen now due to COPD and Emphysema. His tiny apartment in the senior building where he lives, was quite a mess with a lot of mail and junk piled up. He had captured a large snapping turtle and had it in his bathtub. I told him the next time he went to the lake, which he was planning to do that day, to please take it back because his tub was filthy from the turtle poop! It was a big mess and needed some organization. I asked him if he wanted my help because I did not want to impose my wanting it to be clean unless he wanted it. He did. I told him I would call him.

About three weeks went by before I could get back over there and it truly was the Pope’s message that forced me to make the time to go there. I called him on a Sunday morning and he said, “Hi! I was expecting you!” I asked if he would be home and he said he would stay home if I was coming over. His only personal mode of transportation is his motorized wheelchair and this man does get around. I told him I would be over in 20 minutes or so.

Armed with natural cleanser and garbage bags, I went over to see him. Before I looked in the bathroom, I asked if the turtle was gone. “Yes, I put him back the same day after you told me to. Do you know when I put him down, he turned and looked back at me and then went into the water,” he said, smiling. I know he enjoyed the company of the turtle. This is a man who had companion dogs when his wife was alive.

Piece by piece, we went through piles of paper on the makeshift coffee table that stores everything from pills, to junk mail, cell phones that don’t work and one that does, fishing things and Coke bottle caps. In essence, Bailey it was a lot of filth and  junk. So we went through it and he did good, letting me throw a lot of junk away and organizing the rest. I moved his TV to a higher shelf so he could see it better and I dusted the whole area. When I was able to actually see the coffee table and clean it the paper towel turned black instantly.

Of course when our book, Letters to Each Other came out I had left him a copy and he pointed out that he had found it and had put on the shelving system where the TV was. I told him that it was only because of you Bailey that I was there. I don’t know if he and I would have ever talked while he fished had I not been walking you all the time. You were always the conversation starter because of your amazing aura of friendliness. Everyone wanted to meet you and stroke all that soft fur of yours. You were always willing to let people touch you and love you up. I am hoping Joy will take on the characteristic with such a fervor in her later years. She is still a pup.

So Bailey, we did some good this Fall. I wanted you to know that, although I know you were there with me I am sure. You, along with a little nudge from the Pope, inspired someone to get some help and truly it was Cathy’s thoughts about Mr. Bruce that got me going to begin with. We thank her for that Bailey.

I cannot reach out and stroke your fur or give Cathy a hug because we do not live close. The closeness is always accessible. Even if someone is far away Bailey, good thoughts bring us together in action and love.

Love you always,


Bailey’s Tree Becomes Prime Real Estate


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Bailey's Tree Aug 2015

Bailey’s Tree, August 2015  

bailey's buhl park real estate

View of the area where the doggy park will be behind her tree

Walking through Buhl Park the other day, I learned that Bailey’s tree is now prime real estate, since they are building a doggy park right behind her tree!

When I heard this news from a man working over there I was elated. Bailey always brought so much happiness to everyone she interacted with that it just figures that the doggy park would be nearby. Like in Hyfryd, where she, Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah Freedom, Shauna, Lucky and Jane and the rest of her furry friends reside, over the bridge, there will be happy barks and yelps, smiles and laughs from all who go to the doggy park area and she will be there to see all the action.

When I looked for a sapling to dedicate they showed me different trees all around the park. For those of you who have read this blog, or our book, Letters to Each Other, you know the tree is a Red Maple and its type was chosen because of her red Coach Collar, which she wore so proudly. I chose the location because it had a view of Lake Julia and the country club. Being that Bailey was a diva (deservedly so) I thought it was the perfect spot. Bailey enjoyed the finer things in life and we were always happy to give her everything.

As a senior adoption, you especially never know how much time you have and  a lot of time was something we could not give her yet the 3-1/2 years she shared our love and home, were her best – that I know – it’s what gives me comfort. Even though she crossed the bridge and I can’t see her physically, I always see her at the tree. Although she is buried in our yard, I always think of her as being at the tree. The park is my peaceful place. I spend a lot of time there and I spent a lot of time with her there, as I do now with Joy. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and now it will be even more lovely with the addition of the doggy park, right in Bailey territory.

Happy Birthday Bailey Girl…You little “deer”


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bailey buhl fall 3  2011, Buhl Park, Sharon, PA

Dear Bailey,

Today would have been your 14th birthday had your bladder not gotten the best of you. Joy and I went to Buhl Park, exactly where this, and so many pictures of you were taken as we shared beautiful summer days and cool evenings wandering this park where your dedicated Red Maple Tree stands so tall and proud.

Right after Joy and I got to your tree, we walked across the way and we heard a rustle. There was a beautiful little cotton tail deer looking right at us. Joy was so elated she could have pulled my arm out of its socket! i figured it was you. Birds talk to me by your tree, owls hoot, something is always happening when we visit. You are omnipresent that is for sure, I have always said that. I took these pictures today to share with you:

The park was particularly perfect today. After days of high humidity and high temps, your birthday was perfect and as you can see, Joy was still looking around trying to see if we could not spot the deer (you?) again.

Of course I talk to you at the tree all the time (and in my mind) but I am long overdue for a letter from you…just a thought from your mommy.

I wanted to send you love and hope you are having a lot of whipped creme today with Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Lucky and Barkley! Are you having a little cake with the whipped creme? I hope so and it should have pink frosting because you are the girliest girl ever – well you and Joy, of course. You never would have sent me anyone who was not all girl!

I love you Bailey and I know that deer was you; prancing through the brush and dodging out to say hello and I love you too.

xoxooxoxoxooxox 4evernever



Don’t Worry Mom, Safari is Here with Us!!!


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babies of mine

Dear Mommy!

I know it’s late, but I had to tell you that Safari is safe and sound. I saw everything that was happening with Safari and we prepared for his arrival. I made him a Welcome Home Sign and everything was ready in his den which is connected to Tarzan, Cheetah and Freedom’s house!

I know you are so sad to not be with him physically, like you were with me, but I was so soooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see him and kiss him and he seemed happy to see me too! I think he was a bit confused as he was crossing over the Rainbow Bridge, but we were all there to greet him and bring him home with us and I knew that would make you less sad.

I just wanted to tell you that we all love you so very much and someday we will all be together in this beautiful, peaceful and fun place called Hyfryd! You can know now that Safari si safe with us and we promise to write – both of us! I will teach him how to blog on his Sweet Safari Boy site, okay?

I know I have not written in a while but I will give you an update this week. I have been so busy with school and new classes and I will tell you all about it, but for now I just wanted you to know he was okay and looked gorgeous as he always does! I know the ladies will be asking about my handsome brother!

I love you mommy and we all miss you and like you said, we follow each other within our hearts – always and furever – your Sweet Bailey Girl….xoxooxoxo Write soon! I will Too!

A New Year’s Wish of Remembrence


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Bailey and me on the day she was adopted

Bailey and me on the day she was adopted

Dear Mommy,

I keep this picture in my den right next to my bed. We have so MANY great pics together but this is a favorite because it’s the day you brought me home and we both were so very happy. Every year at this time I do get a little sad because it does not seem fair that I only had 3-1/2 years by your side. I am SO grateful you adopted me as a BEAUTIFUL senior, but I wish you  were mine since I was a puppy. However, I still squeezed SO much LOVE into those years with you, Safari and Daddy and so did you of course. When I think of all the adventures I had in both the FL and PA houses it’s amazing!

Mommy, I just want you to know that I always miss you when the New Year turns because it sort of ticks off another year that we have been physically apart and it makes me sad. But, I get happy when I think how the last part of my life was the BEST part and I think even for old people that is important because it is what you remember the most. You are the best Mommy ever and when I talk about you everyone is jealous! Ha!

Please tell Safari, Daddy and of course Joy, whom I hand picked for you, that I love and miss them too. By the way, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and Lucky send their love as well – they miss you so much too. We all do, but we know that our pictures are all OVER those houses and most of all in your heart.

Happy New Year Sweet Mommy,

Love your Daughter, Bailey with all my paws and heart. xoxoxoox


A Tribute to a Gentleman Farmer…


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santa bailey 1steve beck

santa bailey 2

Dearest Bailey,

I received news this week that our friend, Steve Beck had died. You remember Steve and his dog Boo Boo? I do not know if you remember, but when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to Hyfryd, Steve is the person who helped place you in your special resting spot with love and care, while i cried as hard as it was raining that day. He too loved you so much. Steve, a gentleman farmer, loved animals. Remember we used to go there to visit the draft horses and cows? I am sending you his picture for your den!

It is always sad news to hear that a friend died and because we are not up North during this time period, we could not go to his funeral. I am not a person who likes funerals, but when I return in the Spring, Joy and I will take a special walk at the park to commemorate his memory and we will do that here in Florida as well.

Since Steve loved animals so much, I am hoping that he finds his way to Hyfryd since there are so many animal lovers and animals there. If you see him Bailey, please guide him toward you. He may be trying to find a good place to settle and I know you would welcome him with open paws.

I miss you so much everyday but when I look at your Santa Bailey picture I just wish I could reach out and bury my face in your fur. I know, I know, do it with Joy is what you are whispering in my ear. I do, of course and I love her so very much – I always think how great the two of you would have been together. You live in my heart and I wear your heart necklace everyday and my earrings to match are on today as well. Red Rubies of course, being that red was your color. The color of Christmas, Valentines, hearts and of course love.

With all of mine to you. Write me back soon, okay?

Your Mommy