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Tonight is Christmas Eve. Two connected things happened this week of Christmas, always a magical time. I had posted on Facebook how much I was missing my Bailey. The next day, this rainbow appeared in my front bathroom over the shells that have been collected on the beach over the years.

I had a free day and planed on Christmas shopping and taking some me time, but after dropping off my husband and his friend to the marina for a day of fishing I stopped back home, looked at Joy and said, let’s go to the beach. It was so early I figured I could make her happy and get in some me time as well.

Joy was so excited as I put money in the meter and we walked onto the beach. The surf was high and made beautiful windy water sounds. A woman was there with her cute daughter Ava, and this little gray dog. We started chatting and because our dogs wanted to meet so badly they were whimpering in sync. She complimented Joy on what a beautiful dog she is and I replied that her dog was cute and asked her the dog’s name. “Bailey,” she said. I knelt down and I said, “Of course you are Bailey coming to visit me Christmas week.” I petted her and she just looked at me so sweetly. We chatted for a while longer and we realized we were also part time resident in Pennsylvania. I in the West, and she in the Eastern half of the state. Yes I was sure it was Bailey.

Since Bailey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in the Fall of 2011, she continues to be with me in different forms. We wrote our book together, Letters to Each Other, which grew out of this blog.

I hope people embrace the thought that this is probably not all there is. How else do you explain deja vu? I think those feelings you get that something has happened before or some act feels familiar, are in between places where true loves never dies . BAILEY FAV PIC SMALL

As we move toward 2016, I wish everyone peace on Earth and a true connection with those you love and always keep them in your heart.

Bailey's Santa Look!

I know I am the best!