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For readers of this blog, you know Joy and I spend much time walking at Buhl Park, which just celebrated its 100th birthday! The difference between Bailey’s tree between August and today is vast as these two pictures illustrate. It is time for the tree’s winter nap.

I do not ever think I have ever voted when the temps touched the 70’s in early November. Tomorrow Joy and I will visit Joy’s tree and take a long walk for the last time before the trip to the South for the winter. We won’t be back until the end of May and when we do return it doesn’t take me more than 24 hours to get back to the park to see Bailey’s tree. While she is buried in the yard, it is always at the park I most feel her presence. Joy and I cannot go there without a bird landing on the tree, a squirrel playing hide and seek or a rustle of the leaves by a sudden burst of wind. Something always happens. Always.

As we head around the corner on the path that leads to the tree, I always say to Joy, “let’s go to Bailey’s tree now.” Joy knows the way. She’ too is a Border Collie and she is very smart. The minute we get there, she rolls all over the grass. Some days she does not want to stay too long and move on, but I never leave without talking to Bailey’s tree and touching the leaves while looking up toward the sky.

No matter where the atoms that comprise our body are, our spirit and soul is everywhere and omnipresent. At this time of year, when I know I won’t be at the park for many months, it sort of saddens me, but then I find Bailey on the water when I am on the boat. She loved to go to the beach and be on the water with her long hair whispering in the wind. Joy does too. I am grateful that I am blessed with Joy and her new kitten Sabie, who will be experiencing this road trip for the first time.

Bailey’s red Coach leash remains in a special place inside the car and travels with us. Like I said, she really never left. Her tree will nap during Winter’s rest and when we return it will be green and in bloom. By then, the dog park will be right behind our tree with barking happiness all around.

IMG_0375   Bailey at Buhl Park, age 8, 2009

joy and me fall buhl 2015 by Bailey's tree Joy, Me and the tree…Bailey's tree winter nap 2015 Bailey's Tree Aug 2015 joy rolling around buhlsabie gorgeous pic october 2015