Dear Mommy,

I am now in the shadow of the big trees, but look at how beautiful I am growing. I love how Joy rolls around in the grass as if to say hello to me. I hear you always call me her sister, even though we never met. Joy and I are Angel Sisters, like you and your friend Cathy Metry. Some people are so connected that even if they do not see each other in a long time, they think about the other person and are happy for what is happening in each other’s lives. And that reminded me that you two should have a phone conversation pretty soon. Maybe after you get back from your trip?

Things are great here in Hyfryd. Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Barkley, Shauna are all living right next door. You sure love your cats don’t you? Well, Barkely is not a cat but he’s a tiny dog! I love him! I am still looking for Bagels, your first dog that went to live at your grandma’s because your mom would not give into your dad! I know, I know, you and April will always remember that! I have the word out for him and it was reported that my friend Hatchi had once met him because they were both from Chicago!

I have to say though that I sure do miss your kisses. Every time you kiss the leaves on the tree I feel it on my face and that is why the wind blows when you do that! You and I will always be together just as we both thought. When you fly in the sky on Monday, you make sure to look out there for me because I will be waving my paws at you like I always do! I love you so much and thanks for making me a new Facebook page so I could have a regular page with good friends!

Give daddy, joy and sabie a kiss for me. Write back soon!

All my love…Bailey