A Tribute to a Gentleman Farmer…


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santa bailey 1steve beck

santa bailey 2

Dearest Bailey,

I received news this week that our friend, Steve Beck had died. You remember Steve and his dog Boo Boo? I do not know if you remember, but when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to Hyfryd, Steve is the person who helped place you in your special resting spot with love and care, while i cried as hard as it was raining that day. He too loved you so much. Steve, a gentleman farmer, loved animals. Remember we used to go there to visit the draft horses and cows? I am sending you his picture for your den!

It is always sad news to hear that a friend died and because we are not up North during this time period, we could not go to his funeral. I am not a person who likes funerals, but when I return in the Spring, Joy and I will take a special walk at the park to commemorate his memory and we will do that here in Florida as well.

Since Steve loved animals so much, I am hoping that he finds his way to Hyfryd since there are so many animal lovers and animals there. If you see him Bailey, please guide him toward you. He may be trying to find a good place to settle and I know you would welcome him with open paws.

I miss you so much everyday but when I look at your Santa Bailey picture I just wish I could reach out and bury my face in your fur. I know, I know, do it with Joy is what you are whispering in my ear. I do, of course and I love her so very much – I always think how great the two of you would have been together. You live in my heart and I wear your heart necklace everyday and my earrings to match are on today as well. Red Rubies of course, being that red was your color. The color of Christmas, Valentines, hearts and of course love.

With all of mine to you. Write me back soon, okay?

Your Mommy

Naked Leaves


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baileys tree fall 2014 naked leaves 4baileys tree fall 2014 naked leaves 2baileys tree fall 2014 naked leaves 2


Dearest Bailey,

It’s that time of year. Three years and three days ago we were robbed of being with each other physically on earth together. But really we have never missed being with each other, have we? I must admit i loved to fluff up your long thick hair and kiss your long nose, but when I kiss Joy’s nose it’s just like yours. You Border Collies have that certain something – a cuddle factor unmatched by any other breed of dog child.

So we wrote the book together and just recently I was in Chicago and a girl who I had not seen in a long time, asked me to sign her copy. That was nice. You are everywhere, even when I travel. Today it’s Halloween. The weather was too rainy to get to the park, but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so even if it’s yucky, Joy and I will drive over to the park to see the snow there. I’m sure all your leaves will be gone by now.

Several days ago when I took these pictures of your tree at Buhl park, it was a gorgeous day, with air so crisp like a Winesap apple. Joy was having so much fun crunching in the colorful leaves she turned around twice just to jump up on me and kiss me as though she were thanking me – in fact I know she was- she was so happy to be there on such a nice day!

Each time we go I kiss one of your leaves until there are no more. I do not know why I feel your presence so much more there then in the yard in your special spot. I feel you come alive in the park so easily, through the wind and the way it blows, and motions that Joy makes either by rolling around in the grass by your tree or smelling spots exactly where you did. Not a day goes by little girl that you are not in my mind and heart. I wear your necklace and never take it off. You will always be there in many different ways and I just wanted you to know that I am always thinking of you! It’s your turn. Write me back. I hope you and everyone in Hyfryd are doing something fun for your Howl-O-Ween! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxox

Harry, Lorraine and the Magic of Buhl Park


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Lorraineswan buhljoy rolling around buhl

pictured left to right: Lorraine, A Swan on lake Julia and Joy rolling around with happiness…


Note: I am going to publish this here and on my other blog, cause it is truly because of Bailey that so many magical things happen at Buhl Park.

For those of you who know this blog because of Bailey’s Journal and our book, Letters To Each Other, you know that Bailey has a special tree at this amazing park that was dedicated to her after she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2011. She is the only dog with a tree of her own. I knew she would help me find the right dog after a while and of course her spiritual guidance led me to Joy. Literally.

Joy and I walk at Buhl Park every other day. It is her fun and exercise as well as mine. For me it is my peaceful time away from the computer which is much needed in my work.

There is a woman who is part of the staff of Buhl Park named Lorraine. She cuts grass. For many years she would have treats and stop to see her doggie friends and give them a treat. I am never critical of the park, but they stopped her from doing this as of this summer and I think it is stupid and so does Joy! I am sure I can speak for all the many dogs who walk at the park and were happy recipients of Lorraine’s treats!

Today we saw Lorraine and Joy got so excited as soon as she saw her coming on the mower. I had to give Lorraine some treats from my pocket to give to Joy. Lorraine told me she was having a rough morning, but I think I made her feel better and gave her a big hug. Lorraine, who has a dog of her own, told me that before she ever met me, she had seen the tree and its dedication made her cry.  After we said Goodbye to Lorraine continued on our walk. The last part of the walk occurs around Lake Julia, which has beautiful swans and sweet ducks everywhere. Joy loves to check out the lake. As we were walking, a man came up behind us as Joy was stopped to smell whatever glorious scent she has found and he started to talk to me. He was walking an adorable, tiny dog which was black and white and Joy really liked her because she was not barky or aggressive. He said to me, “I don’t mean to tell you about my troubles, but I was married for 69 years and now it’s just me and my dog. I got her after my wife passed away several years ago.” I asked his name. He said it was Harry and his dog was Lady and she was 7 years old. She was a rescue, just like Joy. He said he liked Joy’s name. I really liked Harry. “I am 91 years old. This is our second walk today.” He told me one of his two kids lived in Florida and the other in New Jersey. “They want me to go live in Florida, but I don’t know.” Harry did not seem like he wanted to go there and he talked, walked and could hear perfectly. He did not even have a cane!  He and Lady seemed to be doing great and I could tell Harry was always a handsome man. He still had his hair and was quite nice looking. I should have taken his picture. I hope to run into him again. “What is your name?” he asked. “I am Sherri and that rhymes with Harry, so I don’t think we will forget each other’s name,” I replied. No I won’t. I hope to see Harry and Lady again soon. Buhl Park has a way of bringing people together and dogs, like people, are social beings who enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. Today we met a nice man and his dog and what could be better than that on an early Wednesday morning?


IMG_0420Bailey in my beret, one Fall at Buhl Park!



Spirits Touching


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Dear Mommy, I know you love it when I make the wind blow hard when you visit my tree at …

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Yes I saw You and the Rainbow…


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Bailey's tree June, 2014

Dearest Bailey,

Of COURSE I saw the rainbow! Thanks you so much for sending it to me. I Love you…..sorry it took me so long to write back, but as you know we got back to PA just a week and had so much to do. Joy and I visited the tree 5 times already though! Look at how BIG you have grown the tree and just the other day it was sprouting some little red leaves. Red was your color and that is why you have a Red Maple! It’s so sweet and pretty just like you. You know I carry a picture of you in my wallet and whenever I open it to get out money, people often look at it and comment on how beautiful you are. I miss you so very much.

You will be happy to know that our little rambunctious Joy was an angel on the trip and has proven to be the best traveler! She liked staying in the den and we felt it was safer in the car that way. She was perfect and Safari is always great in the car as you know. It’s SUCH a long trip and so tiring. We did too much really and now my arm is bugging me worse than it already was. Seeing a new doctor for that tomorrow. Lots of fun, right?  You are probably having tons of fun in Hyfryd. How are my Tarzie, Cheetah, Freedom and Shauna? Please lick their faces for me okay?

I wanted to send you this picture of you and me. It was the day we adopted you – June 20, 2008. Almost six years ago. That is before all your hair they shaved grew back. You were so cute always were. That face I could not resist. I miss you Bailey my sweet daughter. You sure picked the most wonderful girl to walk in your paws when you found us Joy. She is really a sweetie pie just like you. Anyway, I was just thinking about you. Here is the picture for you to put next to your bed tonight and dream of us. I love you always, Mommy – xxoxooxox








Did You See My Rainbow?


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Bailey in Yard so lovely

Hi Mommy!

Did you see the Rainbow I sent you tonight from Hyfryd? I knew daddy would show it to you cause I saw him standing outside right after the rain and I had felt you thinking about me yesterday and today since you are getting ready to go back to PA. I heard you ALREADY telling Joy that you cannot wait to see how big my Tree got at Buhl Park. I am NOT going to tell you so it will be a surprise. I cannot wait for you to visit our Red Maple!  I miss you so much lately. You know how much I loved riding in the car all the way from Florida to PA. I made the trip WAY more fun, didn’t I?  I never complained because it was so much fun to just relax, listen to music and eat treats for 1100 miles! Haha!! Now Joy gets to do that. I see you bought her a den so she will be more safe in the car. I think that was a good idea!

Not too much new to report. School is out now and I have to spend summer preparing for some new classes I want to create. One, I know you will like and I got the idea from our book, Letters to Each Other. I was thinking about calling it Love Communication 101. I will place an emphasis on how the doggies, kitties and all the animals here can learn to communicate better with their loved ones even though we do not share a physical world anymore. I will develop different techniques for them to learn; I still have to flesh it out. You know, some days it is so very hard, not just for me, but for a lot of my friends. Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and Lucky miss you so much. They heard you say the other day that you think about them all the time. I know you have their pictures everywhere, just like you have mine. I love that you are a picture taker. When you adopted me as a senior, I bet you took MY picture more than anyone ever took it in the 7 years I lived before we fell in love! I see you always taking Joy’s picture as well. That is good to create many memories. We need them. Being separated physically does NOT mean we forget anything!

Writing the book with you really made me MORE popular than I already was and you know how I could turn a head! Haha! You will be proud that everyone here has a copy of the book here and I do not know how you made that happen, but it’s wonderful just like you Mommy. You are the best Dog/Cat mom in the world! Give Safari boy and Joy a big kiss for me!

Well, I just wanted to make sure you saw the Rainbow I sent with all my thoughts and wishes of love. As you like to say “see you soon Bailey Girl…” In my heart and mind I see you each minute of every day.

All My Love,

Your Bailey Girl xoxoxooxox

Good Food Makes People (And Dogs) Happy!


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bailey fall 1Dearest Bailey,

I have missed you much of late but then again, I always do. I love that this picture and one of Joy slurping a Starbucks puppy latte (whipped crème) comprises my Twitter page background @sherrifood. Chef Didier Durand’s motto is Good Food Makes People Happy, but I would take that one step further and include dogs as well. Joy certainly shares your passion for dining and I find it funny how some dogs I know are “picky” eaters! Really? There is such a thing?  There are probably NO picky Border Collies! The fact that you both loved food so much and that I am a chef/restaurant publicist is amusing!

Joy continues to live on in your princess slippers but I have to say that she likes to eat very healthy. She loves her veggies so much that I give them to her everyday at lunch. When we returned from the cruise it gave me pleasure to get back to my little routine of feeding her and Safari. Although breaks are nice, I actually like doting on fur kids and I think they like it too. I miss taking care of you as well. I hated when you were so sick and that cancer took you over the rainbow bridge but you are here everyday with me. By the way, our book (Letters to Each Other for those reading this the first time) recently sold some more copies and there are some new reviews on Goodreads! We always did work well together and even now that we have to work far away from each other it’s like I can reach out and touch you and many times I feel you doing just that too. Love you Bailey Girl.

xoxox, mommy

5 Years Ago and Now Double 5’s


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Dear Bailey,

I love this picture of us. I think it was in the Winter of 2009. This was the picture I used for the back our book, Letters To Each Other and I love it so much. We both have great smiles in this picture.

When I signed on here tonight I had a congrats from WordPress. It said I started this blog with you five years ago. How time flies. Five years ago you were so full of life in this picture and who knew you would be taken from me in only a few short years after finding my sweet senior girl.

I guess it is all about the number five this year huh? Tomorrow is my birthday so of course I expect to hear from you in some way shape or form, literally! Double 5’s. 55. Hard to know where the time goes. What I do know is that I love the time I spent writing the book with you and am grateful for anyone who has been helped by it. Most of all I am happy about the time I spend thinking about you and writing to you and hearing from you. Joy would have loved you so much and we all miss you so very much. You already know that.

I saw a rainbow the other day. It had not even rained, so I know it was just you saying hello and showing your beautiful colors from the bridge – the colors of Hyfryd – so pretty. I just wanted to say I love you Bailey. Another year without you but another year to live within me.

When I Walk With Joy….


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IMG_2109 Bailey girl

Dearest Bailey, I was missing you so much yesterday. So often when I walk with Joy I think of you. There are so many quirky things that I find so similar about the tow of you – especially the love of food! However, when I walk with Joy I wish she could walk with you so you could have taught her not to fear so much.

I know, I know. This takes time. That is why we walk so much. Aside from it being good for our health, she really needs the training not to fear and you would have been THE BEST teacher. Just like with you, EVERYONE wants to pet her and talk to her and often she will look at strangers and just bark or growl at them. She is hyper protective over me; much like you were, but you never minded anyone really.

Today when we walked on the path in Bonita Bay, I had to hold her harness so she would not chase the bikers! Reminded me of you!!! She never barked at them at least! How you used to bark at bikers when you first came to live with us. She is still so much a puppy and I find that so cute about her – her energy is amazing. AMAZING!!!!!! I wish I could bottle it up and you know I have a LOT of energy but she puts me to shame.

I always think on our walks how you two would have loved each other. You truly led me to her, I know that as sure as I know my own name. You set the path and I followed and I thank you in my heart everyday for that, Bailey. I love you so much.

Well, that is what I wanted to say. Write me soon and let me know how the classes are coming along. I have not heard from you in way too long. We need to write more often. I never want “us” to fade.

You remain with me always and every minute,

xoxoxox, me