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bailey buhl fall 3  2011, Buhl Park, Sharon, PA

Dear Bailey,

Today would have been your 14th birthday had your bladder not gotten the best of you. Joy and I went to Buhl Park, exactly where this, and so many pictures of you were taken as we shared beautiful summer days and cool evenings wandering this park where your dedicated Red Maple Tree stands so tall and proud.

Right after Joy and I got to your tree, we walked across the way and we heard a rustle. There was a beautiful little cotton tail deer looking right at us. Joy was so elated she could have pulled my arm out of its socket! i figured it was you. Birds talk to me by your tree, owls hoot, something is always happening when we visit. You are omnipresent that is for sure, I have always said that. I took these pictures today to share with you:

The park was particularly perfect today. After days of high humidity and high temps, your birthday was perfect and as you can see, Joy was still looking around trying to see if we could not spot the deer (you?) again.

Of course I talk to you at the tree all the time (and in my mind) but I am long overdue for a letter from you…just a thought from your mommy.

I wanted to send you love and hope you are having a lot of whipped creme today with Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Lucky and Barkley! Are you having a little cake with the whipped creme? I hope so and it should have pink frosting because you are the girliest girl ever – well you and Joy, of course. You never would have sent me anyone who was not all girl!

I love you Bailey and I know that deer was you; prancing through the brush and dodging out to say hello and I love you too.

xoxooxoxoxooxox 4evernever