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Bailey's Tree Aug 2015

Bailey’s Tree, August 2015  

bailey's buhl park real estate

View of the area where the doggy park will be behind her tree

Walking through Buhl Park the other day, I learned that Bailey’s tree is now prime real estate, since they are building a doggy park right behind her tree!

When I heard this news from a man working over there I was elated. Bailey always brought so much happiness to everyone she interacted with that it just figures that the doggy park would be nearby. Like in Hyfryd, where she, Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah Freedom, Shauna, Lucky and Jane and the rest of her furry friends reside, over the bridge, there will be happy barks and yelps, smiles and laughs from all who go to the doggy park area and she will be there to see all the action.

When I looked for a sapling to dedicate they showed me different trees all around the park. For those of you who have read this blog, or our book, Letters to Each Other, you know the tree is a Red Maple and its type was chosen because of her red Coach Collar, which she wore so proudly. I chose the location because it had a view of Lake Julia and the country club. Being that Bailey was a diva (deservedly so) I thought it was the perfect spot. Bailey enjoyed the finer things in life and we were always happy to give her everything.

As a senior adoption, you especially never know how much time you have and  a lot of time was something we could not give her yet the 3-1/2 years she shared our love and home, were her best – that I know – it’s what gives me comfort. Even though she crossed the bridge and I can’t see her physically, I always see her at the tree. Although she is buried in our yard, I always think of her as being at the tree. The park is my peaceful place. I spend a lot of time there and I spent a lot of time with her there, as I do now with Joy. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and now it will be even more lovely with the addition of the doggy park, right in Bailey territory.