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Dearest Bailey,

I received news this week that our friend, Steve Beck had died. You remember Steve and his dog Boo Boo? I do not know if you remember, but when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to Hyfryd, Steve is the person who helped place you in your special resting spot with love and care, while i cried as hard as it was raining that day. He too loved you so much. Steve, a gentleman farmer, loved animals. Remember we used to go there to visit the draft horses and cows? I am sending you his picture for your den!

It is always sad news to hear that a friend died and because we are not up North during this time period, we could not go to his funeral. I am not a person who likes funerals, but when I return in the Spring, Joy and I will take a special walk at the park to commemorate his memory and we will do that here in Florida as well.

Since Steve loved animals so much, I am hoping that he finds his way to Hyfryd since there are so many animal lovers and animals there. If you see him Bailey, please guide him toward you. He may be trying to find a good place to settle and I know you would welcome him with open paws.

I miss you so much everyday but when I look at your Santa Bailey picture I just wish I could reach out and bury my face in your fur. I know, I know, do it with Joy is what you are whispering in my ear. I do, of course and I love her so very much – I always think how great the two of you would have been together. You live in my heart and I wear your heart necklace everyday and my earrings to match are on today as well. Red Rubies of course, being that red was your color. The color of Christmas, Valentines, hearts and of course love.

With all of mine to you. Write me back soon, okay?

Your Mommy