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Bailey and me on the day she was adopted

Bailey and me on the day she was adopted

Dear Mommy,

I keep this picture in my den right next to my bed. We have so MANY great pics together but this is a favorite because it’s the day you brought me home and we both were so very happy. Every year at this time I do get a little sad because it does not seem fair that I only had 3-1/2 years by your side. I am SO grateful you adopted me as a BEAUTIFUL senior, but I wish you  were mine since I was a puppy. However, I still squeezed SO much LOVE into those years with you, Safari and Daddy and so did you of course. When I think of all the adventures I had in both the FL and PA houses it’s amazing!

Mommy, I just want you to know that I always miss you when the New Year turns because it sort of ticks off another year that we have been physically apart and it makes me sad. But, I get happy when I think how the last part of my life was the BEST part and I think even for old people that is important because it is what you remember the most. You are the best Mommy ever and when I talk about you everyone is jealous! Ha!

Please tell Safari, Daddy and of course Joy, whom I hand picked for you, that I love and miss them too. By the way, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and Lucky send their love as well – they miss you so much too. We all do, but we know that our pictures are all OVER those houses and most of all in your heart.

Happy New Year Sweet Mommy,

Love your Daughter, Bailey with all my paws and heart. xoxoxoox