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Dearest Bailey,

It’s that time of year. Three years and three days ago we were robbed of being with each other physically on earth together. But really we have never missed being with each other, have we? I must admit i loved to fluff up your long thick hair and kiss your long nose, but when I kiss Joy’s nose it’s just like yours. You Border Collies have that certain something – a cuddle factor unmatched by any other breed of dog child.

So we wrote the book together and just recently I was in Chicago and a girl who I had not seen in a long time, asked me to sign her copy. That was nice. You are everywhere, even when I travel. Today it’s Halloween. The weather was too rainy to get to the park, but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so even if it’s yucky, Joy and I will drive over to the park to see the snow there. I’m sure all your leaves will be gone by now.

Several days ago when I took these pictures of your tree at Buhl park, it was a gorgeous day, with air so crisp like a Winesap apple. Joy was having so much fun crunching in the colorful leaves she turned around twice just to jump up on me and kiss me as though she were thanking me – in fact I know she was- she was so happy to be there on such a nice day!

Each time we go I kiss one of your leaves until there are no more. I do not know why I feel your presence so much more there then in the yard in your special spot. I feel you come alive in the park so easily, through the wind and the way it blows, and motions that Joy makes either by rolling around in the grass by your tree or smelling spots exactly where you did. Not a day goes by little girl that you are not in my mind and heart. I wear your necklace and never take it off. You will always be there in many different ways and I just wanted you to know that I am always thinking of you! It’s your turn. Write me back. I hope you and everyone in Hyfryd are doing something fun for your Howl-O-Ween! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxox