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Bailey's tree June, 2014

Dearest Bailey,

Of COURSE I saw the rainbow! Thanks you so much for sending it to me. I Love you…..sorry it took me so long to write back, but as you know we got back to PA just a week and had so much to do. Joy and I visited the tree 5 times already though! Look at how BIG you have grown the tree and just the other day it was sprouting some little red leaves. Red was your color and that is why you have a Red Maple! It’s so sweet and pretty just like you. You know I carry a picture of you in my wallet and whenever I open it to get out money, people often look at it and comment on how beautiful you are. I miss you so very much.

You will be happy to know that our little rambunctious Joy was an angel on the trip and has proven to be the best traveler! She liked staying in the den and we felt it was safer in the car that way. She was perfect and Safari is always great in the car as you know. It’s SUCH a long trip and so tiring. We did too much really and now my arm is bugging me worse than it already was. Seeing a new doctor for that tomorrow. Lots of fun, right?  You are probably having tons of fun in Hyfryd. How are my Tarzie, Cheetah, Freedom and Shauna? Please lick their faces for me okay?

I wanted to send you this picture of you and me. It was the day we adopted you – June 20, 2008. Almost six years ago. That is before all your hair they shaved grew back. You were so cute always were. That face I could not resist. I miss you Bailey my sweet daughter. You sure picked the most wonderful girl to walk in your paws when you found us Joy. She is really a sweetie pie just like you. Anyway, I was just thinking about you. Here is the picture for you to put next to your bed tonight and dream of us. I love you always, Mommy – xxoxooxox