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Bailey in Yard so lovely

Hi Mommy!

Did you see the Rainbow I sent you tonight from Hyfryd? I knew daddy would show it to you cause I saw him standing outside right after the rain and I had felt you thinking about me yesterday and today since you are getting ready to go back to PA. I heard you ALREADY telling Joy that you cannot wait to see how big my Tree got at Buhl Park. I am NOT going to tell you so it will be a surprise. I cannot wait for you to visit our Red Maple!  I miss you so much lately. You know how much I loved riding in the car all the way from Florida to PA. I made the trip WAY more fun, didn’t I?  I never complained because it was so much fun to just relax, listen to music and eat treats for 1100 miles! Haha!! Now Joy gets to do that. I see you bought her a den so she will be more safe in the car. I think that was a good idea!

Not too much new to report. School is out now and I have to spend summer preparing for some new classes I want to create. One, I know you will like and I got the idea from our book, Letters to Each Other. I was thinking about calling it Love Communication 101. I will place an emphasis on how the doggies, kitties and all the animals here can learn to communicate better with their loved ones even though we do not share a physical world anymore. I will develop different techniques for them to learn; I still have to flesh it out. You know, some days it is so very hard, not just for me, but for a lot of my friends. Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and Lucky miss you so much. They heard you say the other day that you think about them all the time. I know you have their pictures everywhere, just like you have mine. I love that you are a picture taker. When you adopted me as a senior, I bet you took MY picture more than anyone ever took it in the 7 years I lived before we fell in love! I see you always taking Joy’s picture as well. That is good to create many memories. We need them. Being separated physically does NOT mean we forget anything!

Writing the book with you really made me MORE popular than I already was and you know how I could turn a head! Haha! You will be proud that everyone here has a copy of the book here and I do not know how you made that happen, but it’s wonderful just like you Mommy. You are the best Dog/Cat mom in the world! Give Safari boy and Joy a big kiss for me!

Well, I just wanted to make sure you saw the Rainbow I sent with all my thoughts and wishes of love. As you like to say “see you soon Bailey Girl…” In my heart and mind I see you each minute of every day.

All My Love,

Your Bailey Girl xoxoxooxox