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Dear Mommy,

I know you love it when I make the wind blow hard when you visit my tree at Buhl Park. It happens every time and you are amazed! I love that you always give a leaf a kiss as though you are touching my spirit. You are you know. Thanks for letting me know that you will be flying tomorrow. I am sure we will see each other as ou get closer to Hyfryd in the air. I will make sure that you have good weather for your flights.

The summer has been busy here. Anwen and I are painting our den and thus we have to help Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and Lucky paint their den which you know is next to mine! I think you have had the best animal companions in the world but I know you must miss us all, ESPECIALL ME! I see that some of our books sold recently! Letters To Each Other is a best seller here in Hyfryd. At the Dogbrary there are only 2 copies and they are always, always checked out! We do not have electronic reading devices here and I like that we are kind of old fashioned and simple here in Hyfryd.

People on earth don’t realize that they need little in life to make them happy. Us dogs, cats and other animals only need shelter, healthy companionship, a good vet and love – oh a nice bed with pillows is good too! Simplicity is best. Love is all you need and you and me, we will always have that! Forever and ever. I will look for you in the sky in the morning. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

xoxooxoxoxo  YOUR DAUGHTER ALWAYS, Bailey xooooooooooooxooxox