And Another Year Goes By…


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letters from bailey cover


I think you have been wondering if I would write before the new year haven’t you? I know, I am terrible, but ’tis the season for over-business but who cares about that? I want to tell you something.

I am so proud of us for getting our book out this year. That was a goal we set and accomplished and I think we should reflect on that for at least a few minutes! I cannot tell you how many people have read our book here in Hyfryd. It’s a lot! Of course I have been using it in my class, Loving 101. It is so popular.

You know, I can see Papa has not read the whole book through yet. I heard him tell you it was because “it’s a sad story” and you told him it wasn’t, really. I knew what you meant because he does not believe in any sort of life other than the one he knows now. That is unfortunate. I know you have tried to explain that Buddhists prepare their whole life FOR the life that comes next. Papa does not believe in that at all and that is okay. Don’t try to make him read the book, maybe it is too hard for him. I know you want him to for all the right reasons–especially since he bugged you about writing your book for SO long!

I just think it is so great that we were able to write it together and finish it and so all the work that made it a reality – well, you more than me, but you could not have done it without me! ha!

 I know you have been missing me around the holidays because I look so darn adorable in a Santa hat, but I have missed you as well. You will be proud to know that your little girl has the most beautifully decorated den and STREET in Hyfryd. We light up the sky here so beautifully it looks like a magic light show!

Instead of being sad, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. How VERY much I love and miss you and that the book meant the world to me. I do not care if you and I are the only ones who ever read it. I am just proud that we write, read and shared it with others. I know we have some great reviews on and that makes me so happy.

I love you Mommy. The New Year is almost here. I know you will write before or on New Year’s day as you always do. In the next letter I will tell you all about some news at the school – it;s very exciting and you will have more reasons to be proud of your Bailey girl.

I hold you heart in my paws always and I am sending you kisses,

xoxoxo, Bailey

Santa Bailey I Love You…


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Dearest Bailey,

The tree, the ornaments, the lights, the color red, most of all. Red was your color. The color of your Coach collar and leash. The holidays are all about red and I cannot help but see and feel your energy everywhere. Little Joy reminds me of you. I never knew you as a young pup, but I always think you would have been just like her. You Border Collies are so similar in your sweet dispositions and great energy – and Joy has amazing energy that I wish I could bottle and give to people everywhere. I love that about her. It’s so joyous and positive.

I need you to write me a letter very soon and tell me how you are doing. I need to know how everyone is in Hyfryd. Anwen, Tarzan, Cheetah, Barkley, Shauna, EVERYONE! I need a holiday report. Have you decorated the den yet? Is it sparkly? I hope so. Tell me everything.

I love you the most in the Universe my Sweet Bailey. Write me soon. I need it.

Mommy xoxooxx


Thankful Thoughts of You, Bailey…


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bailey's tree leaves fall 2013

Joy looks up at baileys tree

Dear Bailey,

Before we left Pennsylvania, Joy and I visited your tree many times. I took these pictures on the last day we went and your tree is beautiful and growing so tall. Look at how Joy is looking up at it in admiration!

I am so thankful for the tree that was planted in your memory. I don’t know why I feel more of an affinity for this place in the park than your actual “special spot” in our backyard. I think it is because you loved being at Buhl Park so much and we walked there so often. I also think of you being free within the landscape of this beautiful park filled with trees, flora, foliage and wildlife.

With Thanksgiving coming up I always remember you telling me how thankful you were for us adopting you as senior and giving you a better life than you ever imagined you could have. I can tell you it was our pleasure. I also recall telling you how thankful I was for which allowed me to find you. I love Petfinder and I could not love you more.

I wear my ruby necklace that Russell had made in your honor and I see it everyday in the mirror, just as I see your reflection in everything that I do and I too am grateful always for your love. With those thoughts I think of thanksgiving and its true meaning for me.

As Tania likes to say, I love you with my whole heart. And my whole being.

Love, your mommy

A Tree Grown With Love…


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Baileys tree fall 2013Bailey looking so gorgeous

Dearest Bailey,

Your tree in Buhl Park looks so beautiful this third week of October, 2013. It has started to blush more frequently with its beautiful Red Maple leaves. Red of course was your color, although you always looked brilliant and all colors became you.

I think of you everyday of course, but the 28th is the second anniversary of you leaving us for over the Rainbow Bridge and not a day goes by that you are not with me. You know that and I just had to tell you. Joy reminds me SO much of you except you had no fear of people like she still does of some. I am sure she knows how to sniff out the ones I do not like anyway. She is such a little lover girl and is very happy with her life. Like you, she has the great life that you left behind, but I know you are having lots of fun with Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Anwen and all your pals and students that love you so much in Hyfryd.

I meant to ask you something. Has Molly found you all? I wished a special thought that she would find her way to your neighborhood. I know if she did you have welcomed her to the pack. John and Tracy miss her and so  do I – somehow it is not the same without her barking next door when she sees us pull into our driveway. I always liked that she said hello. Please let me know about her okay?

Our book, Letters To Each Other, is selling well. If anyone who reads this blog is interested they can find it here:

 It makes me very proud that we finished the book, but it really is a continuing story and it will never end, really. Love is infinite and so are you. On my mind, in my heart and in my soul. I love you Sweet Bailey. Write me soon.
Love and Kisses,
your mommy


A Leaf and a Paw…


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bailey red leaf

Saafari writes to Bailey


Dear Mommy,

I am sending you these two pictures. What? You did not know I could Send YOU pictures did you? It’s something new that this really. really cool donkey named Colby invented. People think donkeys are stupid, but they really aren’t. In fact, Colby is super smart and adorable too., You would LOVE him – not as much as you love me of course, but you know what I mean.

His idea is called Rainbow Pic and he heard about all this cloud stuff you all are doing on earth. People put pictures and papers into their clouds, which we think is very funny because we LIVE in the clouds. I saw you looking out the plane when you went to Chicago. You always look at the clouds and think of me – I KNOW! I can see you and I miss you. DO me a favor though and never take that tiny plane again back to Pittsburgh, okay? Good!

Anyway, Rainbow Pic has been SUCH a phenomenon here because everyone is it. We take pictures a bit differently than you do. We just point our paw, claw or hoof at what we want to capture and viola!  We heard that new iPhone has some kind of fingerprint recognition and everyone thinks that is cool. Imagine what they would think of our way. Literally “point and shoot!” ha!

I saw you sit down this morning to do some work and it was funny how Safari was trying to write. I think it was his way of saying hello. He must miss me sooooo much! Joy sure herds him around quite a bit. I do not think he likes it so much but he needs to move around and I do thinks he loves attention – not that he does not get enough from you!

So you like how the one lone red leaf changed? I like to get my tree going slowly! The same thing happened last year, remember? It’s my very special leaf just for you to show you that I am still there with you always.

I know it is been too long since I wrote but classes have been crazy busy. Seems like there is a lot of abuse going on down there and our classes are so needed. No one here understand why anyone would treat an innocent animal anyway but sweetly. The physical world needs more kindness to animals and toward other people! We think it’s hurting the whole earth in so many ways. I mean even the government cannot get along! That is so ridiculous. Here everyone gets along and love and kindness is all that there is. Of course only the nice ones get all this!

Well, I just wanted to say good morning. I love you so much and miss you touching me, but when you stroke Joy’s fur, I know you think of me as well.

Yours forever,

Bailey Girl

Buhl Day Can Be Any Day….


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“The Farm is to be used as a playground and a place of cultural enhancement for the public in general and especially the residents of the community.” – Frank H. Buhl 1914


Dear Bailey,

Today is Buhl Day, one of my favorite activities of the year and it was certainly one of yours, of course. We will see how Joy does with all the many people who come out to hear the music, eat the food and simply enjoy a celebration of a park that is steeped in history.   which includes the fact that Frank and Julia Buhl never had children, but instead make a lasting and loving commitment to their community by donating their farm estate to the town of Sharon, PA. It is because of them that I was able to spend so much time walking in the park with you and of course Joy, your spirit sister.

Buhl Day means a grilled hamburger for Joy and she will be so excited just like you were to gobble it up!. Many dogs will be there to enjoy this special day. This picture of you is right next to Lake Julia. I think I have 1000 pictures of you at Buhl Park. It’s such an amazing place and I feel lucky to be able to spend time there, exercising, walking and taking in its beauty. Like the Buhl’s, not all families are “traditional.” Your Papa and I might not have had non-pawed children, together, but he sure enjoys the furry ones we have devoted our lives to helping and taking care of. We of course will visit you tree as I do numerous times a week on our walks. It’s growing so big in just three years.  Yes, it’s almost 3 years since I have been able to stroke your big mane and play with your fluffy tail. I know you miss me too.  So far everyone who has read our book, Letters to Each Other, has loved it and we have had some great reviews – all five stars!

I just wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you strongly today. I am wearing your Ruby earrings Papa gave me, which matches the necklace that stays on always. You are always with me and always will be, especially in Buhl Park. Even though today is “Buhl Day” I really think everyday is Buhl Day when I walk with you in my heart.

Love you Bailey,


Book Signings and a Bug On Your Face


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letters from bailey cover

Mommy! I know…I can just hear the yelling now! “Why have you not written to me?” I am SOOOOOO sorry but I have been sooooo busy doing book signings here in Hyfryd! You are going to have to send me more books because I have become quite in demand. Before I go on, remember when you were at our tree the other day and you kept trying to swat at a bug by your face? Yes, it was me, kissing you! I know you thought of it after it kept happening over and over! I thought it was SO funny!

Anyway, I really am sorry for not writing. I know I am not keeping up with my letters but classes start in two weeks and I have had a lot to prepare. I am teaching two new classes. “Love Communication,” which will help the animals figure out ways to keep communication alive after they come over the Rainbow Bridge. I must admit, that this class is not for just anybody. You really have to be a certain kind of person to want to take this class. The other class is “Healing 101.” I know this sounds like some of the other classes I teach, but I am structuring this one differently. This one will focus on the immediate needs after one loses their physical family I think this is really important. Although we know we will be reunited one day, dealing with how to make that time count is important. As you and I like to say, Border Collies are working dogs and we need to help! SO those are the new classes.

The book has only increased the number of people who want to take my classes. Anwen is helping teach and now Barkley is as well. I have not quite convinced Tarzan, Cheetah or Freedom yet, although they help do things within the school, administratively. Cheetah says she is thinking about it. She has missed you very much; I know she was very close to your spirit – I can feel that about her. Tarzan too misses you a great deal. He was truly your boy.

I really have not felt as though I have been neglecting you, I just have been so crazy since our book came out. I have to say to you that I am very thankful for all the hard work you put into it and I know you are working hard to get our love story/message out there so we can help others. Don’t worry about having to do it quickly just take your time. It’s hard to do all that and your job as well. It’s like a second job – see that is how I feel but I am certainly not complaining!

Well, I am very tired and like you tell Joy, I have “tired eyes,” so I am going to sleep now. I love you so very much and I am very proud of our book. Write me back soon. I know you will.

With all my love and soul,

Your Bailey Girl xoxoxoxox

Our Book, Letters to Each Other is Published!


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IMG_0200letters from bailey coverDearest Bailey, Well, after MUCH hard work, our efforts have paid off. Our book, Letters to Each Other, is now out. It will take a couple of weeks for it to appear on Kindle, but that’s okay they can buy a hard copy now. For all your pals in Hyfryd here is the link: Also, I created a beautiful website for it as well so that you can direct everyone to I know you and Barkley, Anwen, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and everyone will be helping to promote our book. When is your first book signing? I told createspace to ship you some books! I took this picture of your tree yesterday at Buhl Park, the day the book was published. When I got there the wind came in very strong and this one very dark green leaf was actually waving as though you were saying hello. I loved that. Do you like the cover? I really do! They did a great job with the design don’t you think? I want to hear all of your thoughts because really, the book is all about you sweet girl. Of course we are working girls and I still have much work to do here to help promote the book. I decided to give $1 of each book sold to Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue, since that is where you sent me to find our Joy. If your friends need more information, the website is I love you Bailey. Always and Always. More later. I have to get back to work and so do you!   xo, me