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“The Farm is to be used as a playground and a place of cultural enhancement for the public in general and especially the residents of the community.” – Frank H. Buhl 1914


Dear Bailey,

Today is Buhl Day, one of my favorite activities of the year and it was certainly one of yours, of course. We will see how Joy does with all the many people who come out to hear the music, eat the food and simply enjoy a celebration of a park that is steeped in history. http://www.buhlfarmpark.com/bfp/buhl-legacy/   which includes the fact that Frank and Julia Buhl never had children, but instead make a lasting and loving commitment to their community by donating their farm estate to the town of Sharon, PA. It is because of them that I was able to spend so much time walking in the park with you and of course Joy, your spirit sister.

Buhl Day means a grilled hamburger for Joy and she will be so excited just like you were to gobble it up!. Many dogs will be there to enjoy this special day. This picture of you is right next to Lake Julia. I think I have 1000 pictures of you at Buhl Park. It’s such an amazing place and I feel lucky to be able to spend time there, exercising, walking and taking in its beauty. Like the Buhl’s, not all families are “traditional.” Your Papa and I might not have had non-pawed children, together, but he sure enjoys the furry ones we have devoted our lives to helping and taking care of. We of course will visit you tree as I do numerous times a week on our walks. It’s growing so big in just three years.  Yes, it’s almost 3 years since I have been able to stroke your big mane and play with your fluffy tail. I know you miss me too.  So far everyone who has read our book, Letters to Each Other, has loved it and we have had some great reviews – all five stars! http://tinyurl.com/mwkjn22.

I just wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you strongly today. I am wearing your Ruby earrings Papa gave me, which matches the necklace that stays on always. You are always with me and always will be, especially in Buhl Park. Even though today is “Buhl Day” I really think everyday is Buhl Day when I walk with you in my heart.

Love you Bailey,