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bailey red leaf

Saafari writes to Bailey


Dear Mommy,

I am sending you these two pictures. What? You did not know I could Send YOU pictures did you? It’s something new that this really. really cool donkey named Colby invented. People think donkeys are stupid, but they really aren’t. In fact, Colby is super smart and adorable too., You would LOVE him – not as much as you love me of course, but you know what I mean.

His idea is called Rainbow Pic and he heard about all this cloud stuff you all are doing on earth. People put pictures and papers into their clouds, which we think is very funny because we LIVE in the clouds. I saw you looking out the plane when you went to Chicago. You always look at the clouds and think of me – I KNOW! I can see you and I miss you. DO me a favor though and never take that tiny plane again back to Pittsburgh, okay? Good!

Anyway, Rainbow Pic has been SUCH a phenomenon here because everyone is it. We take pictures a bit differently than you do. We just point our paw, claw or hoof at what we want to capture and viola!  We heard that new iPhone has some kind of fingerprint recognition and everyone thinks that is cool. Imagine what they would think of our way. Literally “point and shoot!” ha!

I saw you sit down this morning to do some work and it was funny how Safari was trying to write. I think it was his way of saying hello. He must miss me sooooo much! Joy sure herds him around quite a bit. I do not think he likes it so much but he needs to move around and I do thinks he loves attention – not that he does not get enough from you!

So you like how the one lone red leaf changed? I like to get my tree going slowly! The same thing happened last year, remember? It’s my very special leaf just for you to show you that I am still there with you always.

I know it is been too long since I wrote but classes have been crazy busy. Seems like there is a lot of abuse going on down there and our classes are so needed. No one here understand why anyone would treat an innocent animal anyway but sweetly. The physical world needs more kindness to animals and toward other people! We think it’s hurting the whole earth in so many ways. I mean even the government cannot get along! That is so ridiculous. Here everyone gets along and love and kindness is all that there is. Of course only the nice ones get all this!

Well, I just wanted to say good morning. I love you so much and miss you touching me, but when you stroke Joy’s fur, I know you think of me as well.

Yours forever,

Bailey Girl