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Baileys tree fall 2013Bailey looking so gorgeous

Dearest Bailey,

Your tree in Buhl Park looks so beautiful this third week of October, 2013. It has started to blush more frequently with its beautiful Red Maple leaves. Red of course was your color, although you always looked brilliant and all colors became you.

I think of you everyday of course, but the 28th is the second anniversary of you leaving us for over the Rainbow Bridge and not a day goes by that you are not with me. You know that and I just had to tell you. Joy reminds me SO much of you except you had no fear of people like she still does of some. I am sure she knows how to sniff out the ones I do not like anyway. She is such a little lover girl and is very happy with her life. Like you, she has the great life that you left behind, but I know you are having lots of fun with Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Anwen and all your pals and students that love you so much in Hyfryd.

I meant to ask you something. Has Molly found you all? I wished a special thought that she would find her way to your neighborhood. I know if she did you have welcomed her to the pack. John and Tracy miss her and so  do I – somehow it is not the same without her barking next door when she sees us pull into our driveway. I always liked that she said hello. Please let me know about her okay?

Our book, Letters To Each Other, is selling well. If anyone who reads this blog is interested they can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/n4jzkgw

 It makes me very proud that we finished the book, but it really is a continuing story and it will never end, really. Love is infinite and so are you. On my mind, in my heart and in my soul. I love you Sweet Bailey. Write me soon.
Love and Kisses,
your mommy