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bailey's tree leaves fall 2013

Joy looks up at baileys tree

Dear Bailey,

Before we left Pennsylvania, Joy and I visited your tree many times. I took these pictures on the last day we went and your tree is beautiful and growing so tall. Look at how Joy is looking up at it in admiration!

I am so thankful for the tree that was planted in your memory. I don’t know why I feel more of an affinity for this place in the park than your actual “special spot” in our backyard. I think it is because you loved being at Buhl Park so much and we walked there so often. I also think of you being free within the landscape of this beautiful park filled with trees, flora, foliage and wildlife.

With Thanksgiving coming up I always remember you telling me how thankful you were for us adopting you as senior and giving you a better life than you ever imagined you could have. I can tell you it was our pleasure. I also recall telling you how thankful I was for www.petfinder.com which allowed me to find you. I love Petfinder and I could not love you more.

I wear my ruby necklace that Russell had made in your honor and I see it everyday in the mirror, just as I see your reflection in everything that I do and I too am grateful always for your love. With those thoughts I think of thanksgiving and its true meaning for me.

As Tania likes to say, I love you with my whole heart. And my whole being.

Love, your mommy