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letters from bailey cover

Mommy! I know…I can just hear the yelling now! “Why have you not written to me?” I am SOOOOOO sorry but I have been sooooo busy doing book signings here in Hyfryd! You are going to have to send me more books because I have become quite in demand. Before I go on, remember when you were at our tree the other day and you kept trying to swat at a bug by your face? Yes, it was me, kissing you! I know you thought of it after it kept happening over and over! I thought it was SO funny!

Anyway, I really am sorry for not writing. I know I am not keeping up with my letters but classes start in two weeks and I have had a lot to prepare. I am teaching two new classes. “Love Communication,” which will help the animals figure out ways to keep communication alive after they come over the Rainbow Bridge. I must admit, that this class is not for just anybody. You really have to be a certain kind of person to want to take this class. The other class is “Healing 101.” I know this sounds like some of the other classes I teach, but I am structuring this one differently. This one will focus on the immediate needs after one loses their physical family I think this is really important. Although we know we will be reunited one day, dealing with how to make that time count is important. As you and I like to say, Border Collies are working dogs and we need to help! SO those are the new classes.

The book has only increased the number of people who want to take my classes. Anwen is helping teach and now Barkley is as well. I have not quite convinced Tarzan, Cheetah or Freedom yet, although they help do things within the school, administratively. Cheetah says she is thinking about it. She has missed you very much; I know she was very close to your spirit – I can feel that about her. Tarzan too misses you a great deal. He was truly your boy.

I really have not felt as though I have been neglecting you, I just have been so crazy since our book came out. I have to say to you that I am very thankful for all the hard work you put into it and I know you are working hard to get our love story/message out there so we can help others. Don’t worry about having to do it quickly just take your time. It’s hard to do all that and your job as well. It’s like a second job – see that is how I feel but I am certainly not complaining!

Well, I am very tired and like you tell Joy, I have “tired eyes,” so I am going to sleep now. I love you so very much and I am very proud of our book. Write me back soon. I know you will.

With all my love and soul,

Your Bailey Girl xoxoxoxox