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letters from bailey cover


I think you have been wondering if I would write before the new year haven’t you? I know, I am terrible, but ’tis the season for over-business but who cares about that? I want to tell you something.

I am so proud of us for getting our book out this year. That was a goal we set and accomplished and I think we should reflect on that for at least a few minutes! I cannot tell you how many people have read our book here in Hyfryd. It’s a lot! Of course I have been using it in my class, Loving 101. It is so popular.

You know, I can see Papa has not read the whole book through yet. I heard him tell you it was because “it’s a sad story” and you told him it wasn’t, really. I knew what you meant because he does not believe in any sort of life other than the one he knows now. That is unfortunate. I know you have tried to explain that Buddhists prepare their whole life FOR the life that comes next. Papa does not believe in that at all and that is okay. Don’t try to make him read the book, maybe it is too hard for him. I know you want him to for all the right reasons–especially since he bugged you about writing your book for SO long!

I just think it is so great that we were able to write it together and finish it and so all the work that made it a reality – well, you more than me, but you could not have done it without me! ha!

 I know you have been missing me around the holidays because I look so darn adorable in a Santa hat, but I have missed you as well. You will be proud to know that your little girl has the most beautifully decorated den and STREET in Hyfryd. We light up the sky here so beautifully it looks like a magic light show!

Instead of being sad, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. How VERY much I love and miss you and that the book meant the world to me. I do not care if you and I are the only ones who ever read it. I am just proud that we write, read and shared it with others. I know we have some great reviews on http://www.amazon.com and that makes me so happy.

I love you Mommy. The New Year is almost here. I know you will write before or on New Year’s day as you always do. In the next letter I will tell you all about some news at the school – it;s very exciting and you will have more reasons to be proud of your Bailey girl.

I hold you heart in my paws always and I am sending you kisses,

xoxoxo, Bailey