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IMG_2109 Bailey girl

Dearest Bailey, I was missing you so much yesterday. So often when I walk with Joy I think of you. There are so many quirky things that I find so similar about the tow of you – especially the love of food! However, when I walk with Joy I wish she could walk with you so you could have taught her not to fear so much.

I know, I know. This takes time. That is why we walk so much. Aside from it being good for our health, she really needs the training not to fear and you would have been THE BEST teacher. Just like with you, EVERYONE wants to pet her and talk to her and often she will look at strangers and just bark or growl at them. She is hyper protective over me; much like you were, but you never minded anyone really.

Today when we walked on the path in Bonita Bay, I had to hold her harness so she would not chase the bikers! Reminded me of you!!! She never barked at them at least! How you used to bark at bikers when you first came to live with us. She is still so much a puppy and I find that so cute about her – her energy is amazing. AMAZING!!!!!! I wish I could bottle it up and you know I have a LOT of energy but she puts me to shame.

I always think on our walks how you two would have loved each other. You truly led me to her, I know that as sure as I know my own name. You set the path and I followed and I thank you in my heart everyday for that, Bailey. I love you so much.

Well, that is what I wanted to say. Write me soon and let me know how the classes are coming along. I have not heard from you in way too long. We need to write more often. I never want “us” to fade.

You remain with me always and every minute,

xoxoxox, me