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The weather is finally Fall-like in Western, Pennsylvania. Bailey’s tree, her beautiful Red Maple, is dedicated to her at Buhl Park. We spent a lot of time there, as do Joy and I.

I love to watch the tree grow grow bigger each year and each Fall we look at the leaves and watch the little bits of red paint blush the tree leaves. Red was Bailey’s color. It was the color of her Coach collar and leash. A Red Maple is so fitting for her special tree and that is why I chose it.

The dog park she now faces was not there when the tree was planted. It is a new addition to the park and her tree has a perfect view of the dogs romping and playing. It’s perfect.

The leaves have just started to turn. I like that the change is slow and subtle. Joy and I walk in the park so many days during the week and it’s fun to see what changes happen right before our eyes.

Fall has always been my favorite season. It’s so colorful and crisp, although global warming has made it much warmer then I would like. I remember when September and October were freezing growing up in Chicago. 

Bailey died in the Fall of 2011, so while I love Fall it also brings  with it the anniversary of her crossing the Rainbow Bridge although I never feel like I am without her. She is omnipresent and she is within my heart. In the Fall and in each season, as the moon grows full and the earth rotates, we live our lives connected by nature.