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Dear Mommy,

I wanted you to write to you today to tell you to let her Mommy Jennifer know  that Ma Cherie is here with all of us. She got here safely and I met her right over the Bridge as you had requested when you talked to me at our tree the other day.

Cherie is so cute and she is very happy to be free of cancer. I showed her the house next door to me and Barkley where all your sons and daughters are. She thinks Safari is quite handsome and by the way he sends his love along with everyone else. Cherie told me she was an only cat so she was super happy to move in with Safari, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Jane, Lucky, Shauna, Grayson, Tiger, Tom, and Smarty. She said she could not believe there were so many cats to run and play chase with! She seems to be having a great time. We all built her bed before she got here but she spent her first night curled up with Safari and Cheetah in Safari’s bed. That Safari is quite the ladies man you know…he even went down to the Kit Kat Cafe and bought her some new toys of her own. She started playing with them and batting the little mousies over to Cheetah and Shauna right away.

I know Jennifer is probably feeling so very sad and you said she would probably find solace in going to church today so that is why i wanted to send this on Sunday. Tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah- the Jewish New Year. You know there is nothing we do not celebrate here!  Religion here is all mixed into one. Tell Jennifer that it is a time of renewal and faith for goodness to come in the New Year for our family and friends, in case she is is not familiar with its meaning. Cherie was really happy to be arriving at such a time of celebration she said.

And she asked me to tell Jennifer a few things. She said this: Tell my Mommy that I was so happy when she and your mommy found her at that crazy shelter in Chicago. I loved my mommy so much because she worked from home and I was able to be around to help her all the time. Tell her that I was glad we got in one last road trip, it was fun. Oh and tell her I was sorry for eating the Lilly’s that made me so sick and she said thank you for saving my life even though it cost a fortune. She said that she and Jennifer had a great life dedicated to each other. She also mentioned that she was worried that mommy would be so sad that she would drink too much wine, so she said not to! She said she wanted her to celebrate her life instead of mourning it. I told her that you and I wrote a whole book about this subject and as the Leader of Love here in Hyfryd, I have to tell Jennifer what we have come to know. You are only separated by a physical presence . Cherie lives in your heart and you and hers, that is something I know for sure.

And Cherie said one last thing. She wanted Mommy not to take too long before helping another or maybe even 2! Cherie said that it would have been nice to have another cat to play with so her advice is to consider a pair, perhaps siblings? she said. She told me her mommy used to talk to her a lot so she will need some kids to keep her company, cuddle and greet her with meows at the door. Cherie said that there are so many who need homes and rescuing is the greatest reward, as she has come to know this is true. Cherie said the the purpose of the Rainbow Bridge is that one crosses a new life begins for those who cross and one who awaits a new home on the other side. Cherie said she will be with you so keep your eyes wide open for the love that awaits. Part of me, she said, will be in the next one or two (1) that she sends your way.