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Dear Bailey,

It was the day before my birthday last month and I was walking into a grocery store when I noticed this sweet girl waiting patiently in the car for her peeps to return. I went in and then saw her again as I was leaving so I stopped to talk to her this time.

Suddenly a man walks up and starts talking to me saying how nice it was that I was spending some time talking to his dog and that she loves everyone. A second later, his partner comes up and says, “Has she kissed you?” “Not yet I exclaimed!” “She will,” he said proudly, agreeing with his partner’s statement that she loved everyone. I asked if she was a Springer Spaniel and the two nice men from Canada confirmed my guess. I said that she was really sweet and soft and then she kissed me. “Let me get a picture of her with you on your phone!” “Oh that would be so nice,” I said, knowing I would use this for our blog.

“One more thing guys. What is her name?” “Bailey,” he said. “My heart raced and it figured, that one day before my birthday, another Bailey girl would be here on earth giving me kisses because my Bailey was over the Rainbow Bridge in Hyfryd managing the town – for those of you who read our book, Letters To Each Other,” you know what I mean.

Thanks Bailey for helping my Bailey come and give me a special birthday day kiss. The book, A Dog’s Purpose talks about this phenomenon.  My Bailey is part of many Bailey girls and that was the best birthday gift of all. I love you my Bailey and I loved that another Bailey let us share kisses together.