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Dear Mommy,

I am finally writing you back. I saw that you posted that cool picture of me from 10 (count em, 10!) years ago. I often think where does all the time go? Hard to imagine that I found Joy for you 9 years ago, after I left to come here to Hyfryd, over the Rainbow Bridge.

So as I was doing some Spring cleaning, I found one of the many beautiful poem you wrote for me. Now I have it hanging up. I think you will remember it. I just wanted to say you are here with me everyday in my heart and soul and I am with you. I see that you saw our tree at Buhl Park the other day right after you returned. I just wanted to you to recall this poem and say how much I think about you and Joy. Sabie sure is a character! Also, Safari, Tarzie, Cheetah, Freedom and all your babies are here in Hyfryd with me having fun and playing together. They send their love and kisses too. xxoo, Love you, Bailey

PS: I really love this poem xx

My Tree is so pretty!