Dear Bailey,

We must try to keep up with our letters! We have been been bad, although we talk and talk, don’t we? In the park, at the sky and the moon. There is currently a commercial on lately with a dog that reminds me of you. I see “Baileys” everywhere.

Your loving sister Joy says woof/hello. Today I have to take in Sabie for his echo on his little heart. Yes, he is still a little biter and yes, I have tried and tried, it’s just who he is, though he has gotten better but he is only 5, coming up on 6 in the summer. Here are some current pics for you.

How are things up in Hyfryd? We have this crazy thing called a pandemic all over the world. It’s a very bad virus that is highly contagious and because of that we cannot travel. Someday, we will be able to do that again and it is my goal to get to Wales especially Aberystwyth which is on the ocean. Border Collies descend from there as you well know, and I would like to visit some while there and see them herding on the vast farms that are there. Joy just herds Sabie all over the places. She likes to herd ducks in Pennsylvania and birds no matter where we are. And she now barks constantly at the postwoman and all delivery trucks. Yes, we are still snowbirds ourselves. I want to hear more about how you are doing and please let me know about all my other kids, especially Tarzan Cheetah, Jane, Freedom and Lucky. I thank you for taking care of them over the Rainbow Bridge.

Well, you write me back as soon as possible and I will watch for your letter. Recently a few people bought our book, I get notices from Amazon each time someone does. It’s nice to know because I feel our book helps people!

I love and miss you my Sweet Bailey and just like when you and I walked the planet together, everywhere I go without fail, someone tells me what a beautiful girl Joy is, which always reminds me that the same comments were always made with you as well. I know you are with us on every walk in every motion in every micro atom in which we exist. xoxoox, Mommy