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Dear Mommy,

I know you keep visiting our tree and I keep telling you that I would write to you but I haven’t and I feel badly, so I wanted to take some time to do that this morning!

I just am always so busy with taking care of everyone and working here in Hyfryd. I have messages from Safari, Cheetah, Tarzan and Freedom! They all have been bugging me to write to you so they could relay how much they love and miss you. Of course I do too but I have all this responsibilities being the Mom here. Basically I am you up here. There is always so much to do. They are all doing great and I am too.

Can you believe how big our tree has grown at Buhl Park? Wow! It looks so pretty in the Fall with the beautiful red leaves (my favorite color) but when they start to fall off it looks so skinny doesn’t it? I think they tree’s growth shows us how time moves right past us with such subtly. Do you notice how I make the wind blow every day when you come visit? I know you plan on coming today in the rain after your appointment and I cannot wait to see you. I feel you when you kiss the leaves too. I like watching the dogs in the doggie park. Only you could have picked the perfect spot for the tree! Remember when there was no dog park? Now it’s even more joyful!

Hyfryd is getting ready for Christmas too. Yours truly is in charge of all the decorations in our section of town. Oh! I forgot to tell you the best news! How could I forget? Three months ago I opened two businesses. Well, of course everything here in Hyfryd is free. Remember how I used to knock over your Starbucks so I could get a taste of coffee? I know I was not supposed to do that but I just could not help myself sometimes! Anyway I opened Bailey’s Pup Cup Coffee Cafe! That was another reason I was so busy. Of course we can drink or eat anything here without getting sick – that is one really cool thing that everyone LOVES! We don’t have to be worried about fat-free, grain-free or anything. We are really free to enjoy everything! And right next door is the Kit Kat Kitchen, which of course is headed up by Tarzan and Safari and Cheetah and Freedom work with the customers! All our food and drinks are so yummy! The Hyfryd News rated both places 10 starts out of 10!

So all is well up here Mommy. I have pictures of everyone in our family on the walls of both places, including these favorites of yours but I think we have about 10,000 pictures!Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 4.02.46 PM.png

bailey buhl fall 4.jpg

I love you Mommy! I miss you every second of every day and you know a little of me is inside Joy – you know that and feel it every time she rolls around our tree in the park the second you arrive. I am there too, right next to you, smiling. Give Joy and Sabie a kiss for me. Safari told me to tell you to tell Sabie quit the biting. I know, you told him too 1000 times, I think he is improving, but he is still a baby. Keep working on him says Safari.

I promise to write more often and you do the same! I am sending you a million hugs and kisses from me and the kitty crew.

All My Love,

Bailey Girl