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Recently I went to Starbucks to get a coffee. Bailey loves to go for coffee, because she knows she is going to get a little lick of whipped cream. And a man came up to me as I was leaving with my coffee to ask me what kind of dog Bailey was. He proceeded to tell me how beautiful and soft she was and he quickly whipped out his wallet and showed me a picture of his dogs a Corgie and a German Sherpard. “My mom told, me you have a picture of your dogs in your wallet but not me,” he said. Right then, I knew he was single. And after that moment, I knew he was a guy that was looking for a woman who might love him and his dogs.

I am not single. I have been happily married for many years, but after I thought about the brief chat about dogs, I recalled my girlfriends who are single and how they should get a dog! This was not the first time this has happened to me either, but for some reason, I never thought about it. Guys come up to me all the time when I am walking Bailey! When I was single I had cats- I still have a a cat and always will have cats in my life, but dogs are true men magnets and I never thought to get a dog when I was single, in hopes of engaging a nice guy who also loved animals as much as me. So why did I not think about that? Have you?

There is a wonderful a ticle by John Homans right now on the cover of New York Magazine http://nymag.com/news/features/63232/ about dogs and people. For dog lovers, or anyone who shares their life with animal companions, it is a must read article.  The love I feel for Bailey is just like having a child, so the thought of two single people meeting who both like dogs could be a great study in interpersonal communication because immediately you share a ground more common than who looks good. I mean one’s look can change over time for the good or better, but the unconditional love that is shared between an animal and their person and then yet another person is simply special.

I met my husband in a very romantic way and it could have not been more ideal and it did not involve cats or dogs, but I wish my girfriends who long to meet the right guy would just make the commitment to rescue a dog. First, I believe in the good karma it brings and second, they would be putting themselves out there in a manner that they have not yet before. Of course having a dog is unlike having a cat. It’s the total opposite. But, if you ever wondered about what it would be like to have a child in your singleness – just get a dog because the wondering will end. They are the real deal. They demand constant time and attention, money, playtime and all the love you can muster. They will take it all and give it back twofold. So if you can meet someone else who is willing to have this kind of commitment to a dog, just imagine what a wonderful relationship you might build together. With your dogs and cats, of course!