baileys-beach2Today is one of Bailey’s favorite days because she knows it is when we go over to the Farmer’s Market in search of fresh vegetables and dogs to sniff.  Always armed with a poop bag in my tote bag, it came in handy today when her irritable bowel acted up the second we got there. I picked it up and threw it away in the trash can next to a very fancy restaurant, which I found amusing.

I always feel badly that she is allergic to anything but her special dog food because there is a hot dog lady and a kettle corn man always wanting to treat her to samples. I figure she blames me, not her own sensitive system for not being able to partake is these much missed  treats.

The shelter from where I got her, Angels for Animals, gave me her health history but they had no knowledge of her need to be on medication for incontinence, or her allergy to the protein in food. Of course I have handled all of it and she is thriving! She loves living half the year in Florida because she does not have to put that fluffly behind of hers in the snow to do her business. She loves the sunshine and all the dogs she sees everyday in the neighborhood.

Next week we are going on a cruise for a week and my girlfriend, Bev, will be staying with Bailey and Safari. This will be her first major time away from us. We did go on an overnight trip once and Bailey stayed at Bev’s house and Safari stayed home and it was fine. It will be very interesting to see how she does as she is a dog who follows you from room to room. I work at home and she is very used to being around me all the time, so we shall see…