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By Sherri Maddick

When we readied the boat this morning, Bailey was watching us. She saw us hook up the boat and put things into the car. When I reached for her leash, she knew she too was included in whatever adventure we were up to. Bailey is always ready to have an adventure and that is what I love about her. Being that I have had cats my entire life and Bailey is my first dog, I do not know if all dogs are like her. She loves to be with us and takes such pleasure in being in our company.

We had never taken her on the boat before. Frankly, the boating weather here in South Florida has been less than appealing. With windy conditions our little 17 footer is not the most accomodating. However today was a lovely day with cool winds and temps only in the 70’s so we thought it would be a good day for her. She gets hot and panty easily with the fur coat she so proudly wears like a rich woman, so we were waiting for a cooler day and today was just that day.

She loved seeing the giant Pelicans swooping into the water for their lunch and she even witnessed dolphins at play. I wondered what she was thinking when she saw those large black shapes plunge in and out of the waves. A couple of ducks landed close by and she barked at them and as we neared Doggie Beach, a place that she has come to know and love, she probably wondered why she was in the boat and not romping with the other dogs on the sand. On Monday she will be going there, she just forgot.

She did good. She drank a lot of water but even though I put paper down for her to be able to pee, she would not go and waited till we got back to the dock and got off.

With the wind in her hair she looked so beautiful to me. When I look at her I can never imagine what would have happened if I had not adopted her. Would someone else given her as great of a life as she now has? I guess I do not like to think so. I am so positive that she and I were to meet, just as sure as I am of anything else that happens. She and I were destined to be together, just like Safari and all my cats that have graced my life. I feel so lucky to share my days with such wonderful people. Yes, I call them people and I know what people who don’t share their lives with animals think and I really don’t care. She is better than most people I know, so is Safari boy. They love you unconditionally and all they expect is that you do the same and I certainly do with all my heart and love.

Today was tiring, but here as I write this at the end of a long day in my life I can be happy and proud that I made a difference in the life of one lovely little girl.