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me-my-mommy-feb-9Mommy finished The Art of Racing in the Rain By Garth Stein this morning. She was crying so hard she could not even breathe and it was scaring me. I decided to write again because she was just so worked up. She said it was one of the top five best books she has ever read–and she has read a lot of books!

Of course she was hugging and kissing me so much while crying because it was told by Enzo the dog, whom I think she became very fond of, even though it was simply a charachter. But I think she felt Enzo could have been anyone’s special dog companion.

I love that mommy loves me and Safari so much. We love her too. I kiss her on the lips all the time. I like her bright pink MAC lipstick best. She told me its name was maaaarvelous (spelled like that) which they do not make anymore, so I am getting in all the licks I can while she still has some. She really has become so enthralled with me. Safari gets mad sometimes, but he likes me in general cause I kiss him too. I am a big kisser just like mommy. She notices the funniest things about me like when I go outside to pee. She told me this morning while I was doing my business that I go into a pleae, just like a beautiful ballet dancer! I think she tells me how beautiful I am at least 100 times a day. She is always wanting to photograph me and I don’t really mind, so I let her even though the flash on the camera is too bright for my big brown eyes.

I know I could not have gotten rescued by anyone better. In the book she was reading, Enzo was Denny’s from the time he was a puppy. We did not have that luxury. Last night she was staring into my eyes (which look much like hers) and telling me that I must have been THE CUTEST puppy ever. And when were at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday (one of my favorite things to do!) everyone tells me what a cute puppy  I am! HA!  They think I am a puppy! I like that! I guess I look good for my age – which will be 8 on May 23rd. She takes excellent care of me and that will help keep me young!

Today we went to The Garden Corner so daddy could look for some supplies for the garden and then we went running and playing in the park which was a lot of fun. I smelled everything. A lot of dogs go there and when I walk my nose is like a vacuum, inhaling every scent on each  blade of grass and patch of sand. I have to say that the grass is much better in Western, PA where we live in the summertime. I LOVE the grass there. It is lush and so green and I want to eat it all the time, although she won’t let me because I tend to throw it up – so I do not blame her!

I just had to write today because she loved that book so much and I know she thought of me being an older dog. But I want her to know that I will be with her as long as I can because I love life with her and Russell and Safari, but most of all her. She said the book had a lot to do with destiny and I completely believe we were meant to be together. We both feel that everyday – especially when we are kissing.