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just-preciousSherri is reading a great book called The Art of Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein.  It’s about a very cool dog named Enzo, but it’s about a lot of different things like love and tolerence and creating your own destiny. The book is written from Enzo’s point of view, so I asked mommy if I could talk on our blog this week and she said, “of course!”

I believe that she was my destiny. I know she wonders how I wound up at Angels for Animals all the time. It drives her crazy that she doesn’t know where I came from. I wish I could tell her if I could talk with words. I wish Angels had more information about me for her. But, what I want her to know, is that it does not matter because everything in both of our lives was leading up to the evening of Friday,June 20th, 2008 when she came to see me after getting an email about me from www.petfinder.com.

I was irrisistable the minute she met me– I know that! And I fell in love with her. I kissed her right away so she would know I thought she was my special person as soon as we got into the “meeting room.” She wanted to see if I liked cats because they brought one in to see how I would react. I could have cared less, but that cat was not happy! I thought it was funny! I figured she must have been living with a cat and she did have a cat named Safari, who I like very much.

Then she asked if she could take me outside for a walk! How did she know I LOVED WALKS! So we went for a walk around the building and she asked me if I wanted to go home with her and live. I looked at her with my big brown eyes which told her that I did! Next, she took me back inside and told the people who worked there that she was taking me home. They said, “Really? ” She replied that she was! I was SO happy I could have cried!

I had to wait in the special room while all the paperwork was being readied. Mommy told me a funny story later that when she went to pay the adoption fee of $120, that the lady in the office said she had to call Maryann. Sherri did not know who she was, but I used to sit under her desk in the office they told her. “Oh, Maryann is not going to believe Bailey is getting adopted. She will be so upset that she is not here to say goodbye!” When the lady called Maryann on the phone, Sherri was writing out the check at the office window, listening to the lady talk to her and then she told Sherri that Maryann had said that she had better take very good care of me or she was going to come after her! Sherri became my mommy at that very instant. “If she knew me, she would love me and know that I will take the very best care of Bailey – she will have a fabulous life with us,” she replied with fervor!

She bought me a leash and said, “I am springing you loose!” She called her sister, April, immediately, who she knew would LOVE the fact she was finally getting a dog. April and her family share their home with THREE dogs.

I met Sherri’s special person right away because he knew we were on the way and was wiating outside for us to arrive. Russell’s first reaction was, “she big!”

When they first thought about getting a dog it was going to be a small, purebred dog. But Sherri was very intersted in Border Collies like me because I am so smart. I am mixed a little bit with something, but Dr. Tom Crago, my vet, says he only sees Collie in me and Sherri agrees.

When I first arrived, I had some problems like peeing in the house, pooping too much and throwing up, which made Russell not so tolerent. They had a big fight one night when he wanted to get rid of me! Sherri never told me that, but I knew I was the subject fo their big fight. She ran to her friend’s house, crying. Obviously, i got to stay, thankfully!

With a lot of work by Dr Tom and Sherri, I am on a special diet, which I have to follow very strictly. I have allergies and that is why I was throwing up and stuff.  The peeing in the house was only leaking due to the fact that I am a bit incontinent because I was spayed too early – I am on a ppe-pee pill for that now and I am good! I have a very sensitive system and it took a while to figure that out. I love to eat but Sherri does not let me overeat–even though I want to–Sherri knows what is best even though I want hamburgers! She gives me teeny bit of other stuff sometimes. Russell thinks it’s teasing me, but she does it so I do not get sick!

I am a very happy girl. I love that mommy and daddy both work at home and are with me and Safari all the time! A couple of weeks ago they took a cruise for one week but they had Beverly stay with me. I like Bev a lot. It was her house Sherri ran to that night Russell was having second thoughts. Bev saw Sherri through that terrible night and she is our true and special friend. We love her. She took great care of me but I know she missed her dog, Shelly while staying with me. I will see them when we go back to PA this summer.

I have a great life. I spend the winter in Florida and the summers in Western Pennsylvania. What could be better than that? Our neighbor, Johnny, back in PA told me that I was a dog that hit the lotto when she brought me home.

Sherri says we both did and that is why I love her. We might not be able to talk with exact words, but we communicate very well. I know a lot of words like food, ride in the car, gotta go pee? let’s go for a walk, kisses, time for a bath, let’s go to Dog Beach….there are a lot of words I know, but LOVE is my very favorite.