i-did-hit-the-lotto-two-pg1I’ve read that it’s a dog’s objective to get good stuff everyday. That is definitely Bailey’s course of action. With her, it’s mostly about getting good food daily and a whole lot of love and attention. When I think about that, she is just like me!

Today we went for our morning walk which was interuppted by a German Shepard puppy. Puppies are so funny because they just do not realze that they are bugging an adult dog while they are trying to do their business! The puppie’s objective is to have as much possible until they fall asleep for their nap!

Bailey is truly a gift in my life as much as I am in hers. I know she loves me more than anyone – she tells me and shows me every day from the minute she wakes up and jumps into bed to cuddle to her later-in-the-evening need for belly scratches.

I think about the day we adopted each other every morning when we walk. I watch her swishy, fluffy tail and I just want to squeeze her like a doll. She just means the world to me and I cannot imagine why she was in a shelter unless her person died or was unable to take care of her anymore becaue she was so well trained long before she graced my life with her amazing and exciting presence.

I am grateful for both my cat Safari & Bailey everyday.