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It turned out that Bailey does not have Cushings disease. After numerous test, she is happy and healthy person. I think she just loves to eat. Maybe because her mommy does public relations for restaurants. I write about food all day and she thinks about eating food all day! Russell says only I could find a dog just like me!

A day does not go by that Bailey does not teach me something. She has the type of personality that just craves love and attention. Was it because she was given up or abandoned? I will never know that, but we are here to fufill that need in her; especially me. She is happy to be touched, kissed and played with all day long except for when she is eating. She is such a gentle soul. Today some friends came over to watch football with Russell and one guy said, “what a sensitive face,” she has. Yesterday after taking her to a Fall Festival, every single person we passed told me how beautiful she is. “What kind of dog is that,” they asked. “She is just so beautiful.”

Bailey is special. I know that. I guess everyone who has children with paws thinks that, but it’s just over a year since we adopted her and I am still amazed at how interesting the interactions with her are on a day-to-day basis. I have loved cats my whole life and my little Safari boy is truly my little boy but I have learned the vast differences between cats and dogs. The one thing I know, however is that I give and get unconditional love eveyday from both of them. I love that about animals more than people. That is their gift that no “human” can give you. They only wanted to be kissed, loved, to be fed and to be near you. What is better than that? It’s a perfect relationship.