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I love to be home!
I love to be home!
We had planned a trip to Toronto. Initially Bailey was going to my friend Bev’s home and Safari would be staying at home alone and my neighbor Bobbie would be watching and feeding him. Then I thought, why not keep them together? I had learned about a certain “boarding facility” through Angels For Animals, which is where I had adopted Bailey. The owner had been to several Angels events, promoting his service.
I have never liked the idea of boarding and having cats my whole life, I have always had people come in to stay/feed/watch if we were going out of town. I thought perhaps I was being too critical of the process and decided I would try it and then they could stay together. This place allowed Bailey and Safari to stay in a private room they had right off the lobby. It was really for cats, but at least they could be together and Bailey would not have to be in a traditional kennel. My stepmom, Harriet, said dogs do not rationalize, but I had wondered, would Bailey think she was being sent back to shelter? The thought of that made me sick and I did not want her to think that, so if they were together, I thought she would not think such a terrible thought.
It’s a long story, but I did not like anything about their experience. When I called to check in, I learned Safari was not eating his wet food and this is a 19 lb cat who DOES NOT miss a meal! I knew he was sad and depressed. Since I work from my house, these two are horribly spoiled. I am around all the time so they are used to being around Russell and I all the time! I felt so guilty.
They said they play with the “residents” every 2-3 hours, but I think they were bored.  I am sure that our Border Collie was Bored in the Boarding facility as was our beautiful cat! I can honestly see why it’s calling boarding! They are bored with strangers they do not know.  I think this is whay they think-“When the heck are they coming back? “Why didn’t we get to go?” “Where are they anyways?” “Who the hell are these weird people?” “I want to go HOME!”
I have to admit that I am a complete homebody. Yes I enjoy going out during the day, but I am always happy to get back home as well. I LOVE being around them so much and I know they feel the same. I can never imagine not being the parent of furry kids. Pets. Even the word is nice. You “pet” an animal and you can instantly conjure up someone relaxing and stroking the little head of a cat or dog. The word “boarding” makes you think of a cage or confined situation. All I can say is never again!  I will go back to finding people to help me. That is the better way. That can be the only way!