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I am always amazed by Bailey’s sense of smell. While her vet thinks she is all Border Collie, I feel she is mixed with a bit of Beagle. Maybe she got most of the Border Collie genes, but there has to be Beagle in her. Beagles have the most acute sense of smell of all dogs and Bailey’s nose is like that of a winemaker. She knows what is good and what isn’t. When she walks she might sniff at a blade of grass for minutes at a time before we move on. Now that it is Fall, a certain leaf may captivate her attention as she soaks up its aroma through her adorable black, wet nose.

I love her acute curiousity about the world and people she sees on the street. “What do they smell like?” And, she must think, why do they smell that way? A person can smell bad, or good, or of perfume. Perhaps they smell old or dirty. If she is lucky they smell like another dog and usually she can sniff those people out in a crowd within a minute. Since adopting Bailey, I see the world a bit differently. Before I had Bailey, I once read that you should let a dog lead you where they want to go and I agree with that. I do let her lead, although dog “experts” might not agree with me. They tend to think “the person” should do the leading. If I did it that way, I may never get a chance to view the world through Bailey’s dark brown eyes on our walks and then I think I would truly be missing a great deal. We are together so much because I work at home and I love that I can be there for her. I want to take in her world as she does mine. We have formed a special bond that I suppose, makes for one world all of our own.