Are we in Florida Yet?

Hurricane Ida’s tears were punishing. From the time we rode into West Virginia, through Virginia and both North & South Carolina, the wind increased and the rain fell harder. A trucker told to to avoid the 15 mile backup on I-77 by taking Hwy 20, which we did not know wound through and around The Jefferson National Forest and was worse than if we had steered the course on 77.

But Bailey was perfect. Her second trip by car down to Southwest Flordia since her adoption in July 2008. I just think  she is so grateful for experiences in her senior years. It’s as though she just retired and is spending her pension doing new things. I am her fund through which she withdraws her adventures, the sights she gets to see. We are here two weeks today. Tomorrow is her favorite activity, The Saturday Farmer’s market, where other dogs come to strut their stuff amongst cucumbers and heads of lettuce and freshly made baked-goods. She always looks for crumbs from the popcorn maker, the bagel guy and the key lime pie creator. She knows where to look and she stops at many a booth where people tell her how soft she is, how beautiful she is and how sweet a personaliy she exhibits. There is is nary a dog who loves praise as much as she.
She loved the ride down here and the stops at the two hotels. Now that Bailey is a member of our furry family, we stay at suite-hotels so we have more space. Safari always keeps us up at night. The first night was bad but he behaved the second one. I dislike having to stop twice. We probably won’t do that on the way back to PA in in the Spring. At least I hope not.
But Bailey is a great traveller. I wonder if all dogs are? I appreciate the quality in her that makes her ready to go on any adventure. Almost daily we go to our little independent coffee/wine shop, CGrape, here in Bonita to see Mai & Drew, the owners. They have two dogs. Bailey gets to walk right in. I get my coffee and she gets a little, 1/2 mini dixie cup of whipped cream. She LOVES that she gets to go inside a “people” place. For some reason, dogs are allowed inside all kids of  places. Yesterday there was a Boston Terrier riding in the cart at Home Depot!
Thanksgiving just passed and I am so thankful for Bailey and Safari, of course.  There are certain women out there who think you are nothing if you don’t have a child. They are usually over-the-top people who I don’t care for anyway, but it is amazing that they think they are superior to us women whose “children” have paws and fur. I prefer it that way. My “kids” appreciate all that I do for them. They love unconditionally. We communicate without words and that takes a special ability and I am proud to have that in my soul. My greatest passion aside from loving my husband as much as I do, is my love for animals and it always will be. The ride down here is simply part of the journey of the many furry kids that have touched me.  I don’t need a special time of year to be greatful because it’s part of who I am.