This is a picture of Bailey at our private dog park that was taken after her hair started to grow in. When we she came into our lives in July, 2008, she was shaved except for her tail and around her face. May 24 is her birthday. Well, that is the day it is celebrated because that is the day she was returned to Angels for Animals in Canfield, Ohio for the second time. As I bathed her yesterday I was thinking about the paperwork I looked over when I went to see her at the shelter after getting an email from

The papers stated that she was adopted for about 3 weeks but the young couple returned her because “she did not get along with their other pet and because she was not housebroken.”

Such lies. Bailey gets along with EVERYBODY! She loves other animals and would never hurt a fly, literally! She was incontinent, if they would have done some research or taken her to the vet as you are supposed to do when you adopt a new friend, they would have learned that she was spayed too early and most female dogs who are spayed  early will become incontinent at an earlier age. She will be turning 9 years old on the 24th and Safari will also be tunring 9. Oddly, his actual birthday is May 23th and we took that as a sign when we adopted her!

How anyone could have returned her is so beyond me. Everyone Loves Bailey! People stop us in the street to tell us how gorgeous she is and what a sweetheart of a personality she is. It’s so exciting to see her so happy and loved. She was at Angels for a year before she had the trauma of being adopted for only 3 weeks. It is no wonder she follows me everywhere and loves to be with us. She is needy in that way, but it is understandable. She thought after a year she was going to have a new home and then she gets sent right back to the shelter. Even the people at Angels loved Bailey and in July there will be the Angels for Animals Doggie Day Reunion and we will be there! Bailey loves a celebration!

We will celebrate both Safari’s and Bailey’s birthdays next week and I think how lucky we were that those stupid people did return her. They missed out on knowing and loving the most wonderful little lady on the planet. She gives us so much joy and love and makes us laugh daily with her “spin tail” and big smiles…Happy Birthday Bailey & Safari!