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I know dogs love their “peeps” but I think Bailey loves to be around us more than most dogs. I know other people who have dogs, including my sister, who has two, Max & Bella. They don’t need to be around her every minute, like Bailey does.

I can be assured that with each trip away from her, that her irritable bowel will act up following my (or our) return. Guaranteed!

After finishing a great book called Nose Down, Eyes Up, by Merrill Merkoe, I think the conversation would go something like this:

“Why do you have to leave me?  Who would rather see than me, and why can’t I go with you?” “There is a plane ride? You know how much I LOVE to go for a ride in the car, but a PLANE???”

“Bailey, I don’t think you would like a plane ride and you do go for car adventures every single week, more than one a week. And in the winter, you get to drive to another house in Florida for 3 days in the car!”
“I know, but I want to go with you everytime you leave. I don’t think it’s fair that Safari and I have to get left out of ANY trips!”

“Well, Bailey, sometimes it is not possible to take you everywhere because as you know Dogs and cats are not allowed everywhere.”

“But you take me into the bank, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and CGrape Coffee and Wine Bar!”

“I know but those are all in Florida where they are more dog friendly! I went to Chicago and had to see my clients, the family and some old friends and collegues this trip. You would have had to stay with Max and Bella.”
“That would have been fun! I bet they would have liked me right? Are they big dogs?”

No, Bella is a teeny dog and Max is a smaller dog as well. You might have wanted to herd them!”
“You know I herd and kiss, herd and kiss…” I never got to herd any sheep like Border collies get to do, so I don’t herd with any working intentions. It’s all for fun!”

“I know Bailey, you are ALL ABOUT Fun!  They all would love you I am sure. Maybe if we ever drive to Chicago…”

“When when….?”
“I have no plan for that honey”
“See this is what I mean!”
“I am sorry Bailey, you know I think of you and Safari as my own furry kids, but you just cannot go everywhere.”
“I know that mommy, but you cannot blame me for whining, barking and trying, right?”
“No, I guess not. You both have a great life with us, don’t you think?”
“Yes I know that. You know I love treats!”
“Yes I know, but you got so worked up from my trip, now you cannot have any until your bowel settles down.”
” Yeah, Yeah. I already am sick of thet WD food.”
“Yes I know but you have to eat that till you return to normal, okay?”

“Yes, okay.I will try to get my tummy better and not be so stressed. It just seemed that you were gone forever!”

“But I was only gone for 4 days and Russell was here to take care of you!”

“I love him but you take much more of my crap then he does. You know I can manipulate you better than him!”

“I know, but I do not like that quality in you.”

“I know but you love me unconditionally and I could not ask for more than that. I feel the same way about you, mommy. That is why I never want to be without you. Not ever. Even for 4 days.”