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Bailey told me she had something to say so since this really her journal, she said she wanted to write something, so I gave her the keyboard…
I LOVE going to Buehl Park! I love when Sherri & I go there. It’s so beautiful and big. She took me TWICE this week. It takes us about 20 minutes to drive there, but it is really worth it. There is so much to see and we always meet lots of people and dogs. I love seeing dogs- well at least the nice ones, like me.

I always make Sherri proud because for some reason people always stop and pet me and tell me how beautiful I am, which I have to say at age 9, I am liking a lot. No one thinks I look my age and they tell mommy that too. We both like the fact that people always think we are younger than we are- not that we are old but it’s nice to think that we are still looking good! That is important to us both, but I digress!
We had two gorgeous days in the 70’s and neither of us like the really hot weather, so it was perfect for walking in the park. We saw so many lovely flowers and we discovered an area with a fountain and little lake. What I LOVE about the park is that each time we go there we walk a different way. The park is so enormous that you can take so many different paths. Each time we seem to find new things to look at. I am anticipating how beautiful it will be this Fall.

When we walk, I sometimes think Sherri is thinking exactly like me. We usually walk for an hour but the other day we went nuts and walked for an hour and a half! I know she thinks I am the greatest – except when I beg and beg and whine for table food – but I am not stopping that! I think she is greatest too… Not many people are willing to adopt dogs in their senior years, but she had no qualms about it. I like to think I am in investment in her and Russell’s happiness. They do love the heck out of me and Safari. Russell calls me his beautiful girl and Safari his Big Sweet Boy. He loves my big, brown eyes and say Sherri and I look like each other. Some other people have said the same thing. Sherri has pretty eyes – everyone tells her that – so if mine look like hers, than that is big plus for me!

She likes to say that we both won the lotto by finding each other. I know she wonders about where I was before the shelter. I am so glad those people who adopted me before she did ( for ONLY 3 weeks) took me back. They were idiots. I don’t even remember where I was before the year in the shelter. I think I have blocked it out because wise people live one day at a time and I like to think my best life started the day they sprung me loose! This is the life I was supposed to have and them as well. I always hear them talking and Russell always tells Sherri that she was the best thing that ever happened to him and I know she feels the exact same way. They too feel like life for them began 21 years ago. They are so in love that sometimes I have to get out of the room!

Life with them is really a “walk in the park.” Today America was born. And my adoption day, July 20th, is my personal independence day and I could not be happier. I think Safari & I make them pretty darn happy too and that is just nice to know.