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Before July 20, 2008, I never knew how important a blade of grass could be or how much a dog is like a small child. Yesterday was Bailey’s two year adoption anniversary and although two years feels like such a short span of time, it seems Bailey has always been a part of our lives.

She is a dog with a personality that is human-like. She seems to know exactly what you are saying and what you are thinking. She only has to look at you and you know what she is wanting as well. And although she is safe, has two fabulous homes to live in and is extremely spoiled, yet she always wants more.

Only at night can I move from room to room without her following me everywhere. Only when she is so tired she finally, like a child, settles down. During the day, she always wants something: more food, more water, more kisses, more attention and more love.

When I researched Border Collies, I knew they were a breed who needs to be busy and we are. She goes with us on every errand and loves it. There are certain stores that allow her to come in such as Home Depot, Barnes & Noble and she is always happy when the local mall has the pet fare and she can actually go to the mall for a day. In essence, she loves to shop! She is my child. We don’t have to buy a thing, but we like to look around.

She is my sidekick in life and truly my shadow and I would not have it any other way. As we turn the page on her second anniversary I think of all we have learned – that we are both very much loved by each other and that’s the way it should be.

She was at the shelter a year before we came along. She was “the office dog,” at Angels for Animals in Canfield, Ohio, and then 3 weeks before me, someone adopted her for just 3 weeks and returned her. We are so glad that they did otherwise we would have never met this wise soul of a lady who kisses total strangers and loves to be loved. Russell and I cannot go anywhere without people telling us how beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, soft and friendly she is. It is true. She is all those things and Russell, my wise husband, says her attributes are exactly like mine. He tells me that only I could have found a dog so much like myself, but that is why he loves her so much and he really does. That is his “little girl,” as he refers to her everyday.

When we adopted a 7 year-old dog, we knew it was the right thing to do, but we could not have found a sweeter life to share. Happy Anniversary little girl, we love you very much.

Bailey and me on the day she was adopted