I love to walk in Buhl Park and when we were walking the other day, mommy said I could finally have a turn to write on here. I mean, it’s called Bailey’s Journal, not Sherri’s Journal! I think I want to write from now on!

We get to the park about 3 times a week. I think she feels guilty if we can’t go for whatever reason. Mommy is a busy person, but thankfully she works at her desk at home, because I would go crazy if she didn’t. I am a Border Collie and I get bored quickly. She tells me that “I always want something” and that is the truth! Usually I want food, but I am taking it easy since I just had a very bad urinary tract infection. I have to take antibiotics for two weeks which gives me the loosey goosies….One more week to go. The infection is all gone because I went for my follow-up appointment yesterday and everything checked out perfectly. I cost my mommy & daddy so much money this week and I feel bad about that, but I am 9 years old now and I require extra TLC and heck, they don’t have to send me to college or buy me a car, so they don’t mind. Mommy works very hard to give me, Safari and daddy the best of everything. It’s not my fault I got this stupid infection! Who knows how you get these things? Dr. Wendy says they are the same when women get them and I am all woman!! A Femme Fatale! Yes I am! I love being a girly girl and that makes me exactly like my mommy.

Sometimes I wish I could tell her where I was before we met because she constantly wonders about it even though she will never know – that’s the reporter in her. I cannot even remember anymore because frankly I do not care. After a year at the shelter, I had enough of sleeping in a kennel. I was the special office dog, but offices get boring too. But where was I before that? I am sure it was nothing compared to the life I have now especially since I don’t remember. Maybe I wanted to forget!  Now I get to live in two places and always bask in the sunshine. Who knew when they came to adopt me that would be the case? Certainly not me! I am a very lucky dog girl. No one would have EVER taken better care of me, of that I am sure. My parents are so loving toward each other, it’s really nice to be around them. They kiss me all the time. He calls me “his little girl” and she sings me a song she made up about me and kisses and hugs me and Safari constantly. I try hard to bring joy to their lives and I must be succeeding. She says that everyone loves me – it’s true, I must say…Everywhere we go someone stops to say how sweet and cute I am and what a nice personality I have.  I am very polite in public because I think you should be gentile. They are both extremely polite individuals. I am not polite at home when it comes to food, I admit that. I love food and I can’t believe that mommy is a food publicist! She is always talking about food, cooking food and writing about food! I love food! even Dr. Wendy told me the other day, “You sure found the right home!” I sure did.

Soon we will be travelling to our winter home in the south. I love the trip in the car more than they do! I love to stop at all the gas stations and rest stops because there are so many other dogs travelling as well and I get to meet a lot of people! My bones won’t be achy from winter’s cold which is good because because my left back leg has been bothering me. I guess I am going to start taking some Cosequin as soon as I am done with the antibiotics.

Mommy did a lot of work this morning cleaning out the garden before we went for our walk. After we went for our walk she stopped at the grocery store to get some ingredients she needed to make another pot of chicken soup since daddy has a nasty cold. She made that, made a bread and the other day she tried making a pie for the very first time and it did look just like in Country Living magazine! She was amazed herself! I only had a little drop of crust, but it sure did taste good! Now she is on load four of her laundry. She emptied the dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen and I think she is getting tired. Oh! And she made a card for their friend’s wedding tommorow! Makes me tired just thinking about everything!

Our walk today was so beautiful. All the colors are turning in the park now. We will go on Monday again. The roofers start the big job that day- that is going to be fun to see! I have to go have some dinner now. Mommy said I could have some chicken and carrots out of the soup, mixed in with my food. I LOVE food. What else does a girl dog need? Love, Kisses, Safari, Shelter, the Park, Rides in the car and the Wind in my face. I love my life and my family more than anything.