My Dearest Bailey,

I am taking you in for surgery tomorrow for a mass on your bladder wall. I am praying that it is not cancer and simply a cyst.  Dr. Crago does not think it’s cancer since you are asymptomatic, but you have always been my mystery girl since I adopted you as a middle-aged lady. And such the Lady you are. All girl, my femme fatale, so full of love and kisses—  how you love to spoon and play catch. Today I saw this early Hannukah gift and thought the bone was a blessing for you. How excited you were when I took it out of the bog! You love a new toy so much and I love to provide you with them.

I would do anything to make you better, you know that. You are my girl, my Lady Bailey. So many people are sending you good thoughts for tomorrow, but no one more than me.

All the love I have to give you,