Dear Bailey,

I thought for the new year, I would just write you a letter for your blog. July marked our second year together, although I feel as though you have always been a part of my life, that is just the kind of girl that you are. You fill up each day with endless amounts of energy and love for me, Russell and Safari.

You consistently remind me of a man I once did public relations for.  He always said “leave a little piece of you wherever you go.” What he meant by that is that something as simple a grocery store clerk should be acknowledged by her badge name. “Hello Susan, how are you today? My name is Max and I hope that you are having a great day!” That was the kind of guy he was.

You remind me of him because you do that. There is so much Bailey all over Western, PA, Northern OH, and Southwest FL, everyone remembers you! Your personality alone makes people stop and talk to us – every single day. Your kind, gentle manner as well as your stunning beauty –which everyone compliments you on daily–is contagious. It worked on me the very first day I met you. One kiss – much like Russell–and I was hooked. One true kiss. So very enchanting…

This was a tough year for me with you because of the discovery of a bladder  mass in November, but you sailed through your surgery here in Florida. Remember how I slept on the floor next to you the whole night and  to the amazement of Dr. Larry, you are feeling terrific!  Our new friend Carrie gave me the idea to sleep on the floor with you, because that is what she did with her dog after its surgery. I am glad she told me that story because I know you appreciated beging snuggled up together when you felt like crap after the surgery. You and I live everyday to it’s fullest and most enjoyable capacity. I kiss your bladder everyday and we tell  it to go away now, don’t we? 

You know deep in your heart that you could never have found a better partner than me, for you. Russell thinks we are so much alike and it’s true. The two social gals…you are my assistant in all we do and they even love you at Dillards Dept. store! Kids beg to feel your soft silky coat, men and women compliment you on your perfect disposition and aside from your begging for food at the dinner table you are simply perfect.  We love you so much Bailey. You bring us laughs and joy every day and I know that we do the same for you.

Today we had fun at Doggie Park with all the big dogs, wishing them all a happy and healthy new year! Then we got home and you ate your special turkey and had a great bath. Now you will be clean and fluffy for the new year!  We will have many more fun days! We are two, middle-aged girls in love with life and I feel so blessed that we can share that life side by side, together. My wish for you is a HEALTHY 2011. I already know it will be happy because we give that to each other daily!

We get older everyday, that is true, but we can take each day to it’s splendid limits, wrap it in your boundless energy and take joy in that as we welcome in a new year with more laughs and more smiles and always, another day to say I love you Bailey…