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I will be the first to admit I am a needy dog. I cannot help it. Before Sherri found me, I was in the shelter for a year. I made myself the “favorite” shelter dog so I could be in the office everyday under Mary Ann’s desk, but I knew she would never take me home because she already had five dogs. I don’t think I would have liked it there with all those dogs.

I know Sherri wonders why I bark commands at her. I like when she pets me for a long time and rubs my spinal column because it feels so good.  I think I eat 9 times a day, I am worse than a little baby, but since my surgery I feel better. I don’t know if the cancer is gone but I want to play constantly and I love attention-constant attention – like just now when Sherri went to write this for me I made her stop and play ball, right in the middle of a sentence – I don’t care.

I have reached that time in my life where I want what I want and now, not 10 minutes from now, just right now. I know that drives people up a wall, but somehow I cannot help myself. I feel especially hyper today because of the full moon. My ancestors were grand wolves and they did the same thing during the full moon glow.

We went to dog park today and I herded all the little dogs around. Everyone there loves me and thinks I am beautiful. I love all that praise, in fact nothing makes me happier than constant praise and Sherri is the perfect one to give it to me but perfect strangers? That is simply a bonus! I think the reason I act like this is because I want to take it all in. Sleeping is a waste of time really. I mean, I don’t know how this stupid cancer thing is going to work out so I don’t feel like sitting here waiting around and doing nothing. Sherri says I am her “go-dog.” I think that is accurate! I love to ride in the car and go. I could care less where we go it’s just fun to go! I LOVE when we go shopping! Here in Florida, us nice dogs can go into stores and shop for purses and clothes! The ladies at the stores all love me and always offer me treats. Life is good.

That is the point. Life. I love life. I love my life with my parents and my cat, Safari. Sherri prays for me everyday and kisses my bladder area where my scar was – you cannot even see it anymore since my hair is all grown back!! I am so happy about that. I have a great life. In July I will be 10 and I am determined to have my 10th birthday because I know Sherri will get me a lot of cool stuff and I will get to eat stuff that I love – like fresh turkey. I never want to leave their side. I am guess I’m needy that way.