Bailey nor I have written since January! I cannot imagine that much time has passed, but we have been busy having fun down here in Florida. She had her checkup and her ultrasound for her bladder cancer was very good. The bit of cancer that remains inside her is contained and small, still it bothers me that it’s there, but I do not think it bothers her at all. If anything bugs her, it’s her left hip, which shows signs of aging as she approaches her 10th birthday next month.  She is very tenancious and she is a fighter. There is not a dog who loves food and love more than her – well, I am sure there are, I just don’t any of them. She is always a handful to take care of. Aunt Lulu did take care of her when we went on a cruise, and even she noticed this year that she was more needy.

I think old age can align itself with need much of the time. We can only hope to have a goal that keeps us healthy enough not to depend on other people. Since Bailey is a rescued senior dog, I think she has the right to be needy. I think she always has one eye open to the possibility that she will be abandoned again. I have told her over and over that will never happen. I signed up to make her older age as great as I could and I think that goal is being accomplished perfectly. I know she is grateful because she shows me in ways humans never do, mostly with her eyes. They say vets are the best doctors because they simply have to know what is wrong. Dogs can only telepathically tell you what is wrong. I think being a dog/cat/animal mom is harder than having kids because at least kids can talk to you.

Next month as Bailey’s birthday is celebrated, I will tell her that she iis a perfect 10, despite her bouts of illness. Mostly she is perfect. She has the best manners of anyone I have ever known and her love comes straight from the heart – one that I hope to help keep beating strong for many more years to come. Love you Bailey.