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  Letters to each other – Okay, I will let you go first…

Mommy,  the ride over the rainbow bridge was easy. It’s beautiful here and it’s just like you said it would be. It’s very green and a perfect 70 degrees–OUR kind of weather! The first thing I saw in the sky was a beautiful rainbow; and I hope you can see it way up in the sky tomorrow when you fly over on the plane because I will be watching.  In fact, I will be watching you forever and I know you will be too. I thought we could at least write letters to each other from now on so I could tell you what I am seeing, thinking and feeling  and you could do the same. I know you will want to cause you love to write letters and you already taught me how to write on here, so I am ready.

I want you to know that I am thinking about how we did not have enough physical time on earth together, but it is said that quality is better than quantity and certainly we had that didn’t we? The only thing I remember in my life is the year before we met when you rescued me from Angels for Animals. It was hard being there for a year, because as you know I am very social, but there were too many dogs barking there all the time. We might have only had 3 years, 4 months and 8 days but every single one of them was better than the 6 I spent without you and I know you feel the same way…

 There could never be enough time with you because you took the very BEST care of me. I know I had health problems from the get go but you helped me get rid of those but no one has cured cancer yet and I don’t know why I had to get bladder cancer but you helped me through it and get over the Rainbow Bridge, which was just as hard for you, I know. I am glad I don’t have to pee every 5 minutes anymore! I can run and jump just like you said, my legs feel great and I don’t need those stupid pills which were affecting my stomach, but you already know that. You knew every nuance about me and my body usually before I did. I always said you were very smart!

I am going to miss you giving me my treats but here there are bowls of them everywhere for anyone to take, but I still loved when you fed them to me. I was thinking about how you did everything for me. You cooked for me, cleaned for me, fed me, bathed me, groomed and brushed me, walked a lot with me  at Buhl Park. (I LOVE my Red Maple Tree! ) – we did everything together didn’t we?! Most of all you loved me better than anyone. By the way, when I was getting sleepy, I heard Dr. Crago tell you how you went beyond the call of duty and no one else would have been so good to me. You really did. You are a very loyal person – Daddy has told me that too, by the way – he LOVES that about you! Well, so am I. You always said we are a lot alike and I agree. So, I will stay in your heart forever and even though I am not there where you can see me (except you do have 10,000 pictures of me!)  – I am there in your mind, your heart and our souls are forever connected. I will help you select another dog, but not immediately! I appreciated you sending me off with my favorite bones, treats and toys. Tell Aunti April thank you so much for the pillow she had made with yours and my picture on it. I loved that and it made me comfortable. I took it with me over here but that is something I cannot share because it’s so personal to me.  Did you see that I left a bunch of toys in the basket that I bequeath to the next lucky dog who gets to share their life with us. Of course NO DOG will ever replace me, I know that. I am your first doggie love and certainly the best! And only I GET A BLOG….

So now we will write letters and keep this adventure going mommy. I know you didn’t want it to end and neither do I. You and I will never have an ending, only a new beginning…With all my love and kisses, Bailey xoxooxox

Bailey it is true, we will never be apart. I am trying so hard not to put a question mark where there is a period.  Already I see you and feel you around me in everything and yes, we will continue to write each other letters – that is the perfect idea my lovely girl. I am glad you liked the tree I got you at Buhl Park – certainly this was our very special place of peace, exercise and social activity and I will visit your Red Maple all the time when I walk there. It will be awful lonely walking there without you, so when you find a dog someday for us, please make sure it likes to walk as much as you and I did, because we logged hundreds of miles and you know how I love to walk in the park. And of course you added to it’s beauty. I am so proud that each and everytime I took you there (and everywhere) we were stopped, quite literally, by people telling me how gorgeous, how soft and sweet you are. Yes you are all of that and so much more.

When I was crying my eyes out this morning ( and for the last month) and told you that you are the best dog, I loved that each time I said it, you kissed my lips right at that very moment. You KNEW you are the best girl ever. Just like when I met Russell, you too gave me a one true kiss and then I knew – just like I did with him. You are so right, there will never be another you as you are my first and forever my doggie love. Again, I will await the sign from you, because you chose me too you know, so we both have good taste and we can easily recognize the good people from the bad ones.

We were so lucky to find each other. You know, many people do not take a chance on a senior dog, but I am sure glad we did. More people should but I can understand that it can be very hard to not have the quantity of time one would like to have, but the quality is something I would never trade. You have taught me so much and I can never thank you enough; well maybe I did. You got to have a great senior life and that was the goal. You got to go for 10,000 rides in 2 different cars, trips to FL, two houses, and countless rotisserie chickens, and low sodium turkey, your own doggie beach and boat and we made many, many doggie friends along the way. If only I could have taken you on a cruise that would have been the best! Someday I think there will be something like that!

Speaking of which, remember I told you to look for certain people: Barkley is there – find her because you two loved each other and I know you miss her because you were sniffing over at John & Tracy’s everyday since she went over the Rainbow Bridge so kiss her too for me….Also find Bingo Foley and Marlowe Sulski and if you can find Tarzan, Cheetah and Freedom for me – yes they are cats, but you like cats; especially their food and I know they would share with you!  Give them all my hugs and kisses okay?  You never got to meet Bingo or Marlowe, but I know you would love them. Bingo is a boy and Marlowe is obviously a girl, like you. And according to her also-very-devoted and very special Daddy Jeff, much like you! Feisty, tenacious, beautiful, loyal and loving – one rarely experiences all those great qualities in people – but those of us in the know – realize that you all have it going on way better than humans do. No one loves unconditionally like a dog; especially you, my perfect one.

It’s been a long day for both of us my sweet girl. I will look for you as I fly the sky tomorrow. I will be wearing red, just like you, so look for me and we will send a sign to each other. Goodnight for now my Bailey. Here is to our new beginning..

 We both love you so very much xxxoxoox

PS:  Safari is sitting here next to me on the desk as I write to you. He wants me to tell you that he did not eat much of his dinner cause he is not sure where you went; it might take him a while. You know, as I like to say, a cat is and dog does.