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Dear Bailey,

I was able to change my seat from the aisle to the window, so I could look out and find you. And I did, didn’t I? It was so snowy on the ground and they had to de-ice the plane so it made me scared. I had my sunglasses on because I was crying so much. After take off, we rose above the snow and cloud cover and there was the sunshine. The plane’s wings were like outstretched arms and I felt like they hugged the air which one can only embrace from above the clouds and snow.

Yes! It snowed on Saturday; the day after you crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. I was sad that I could not watch you grab snowflakes like little pieces of luxury on your long, skinny tongue,  but since you told me it was a perfect 70 degrees, I thought you were better off. I  always did enjoy watching you have fun in the snow, even though we left for Florida soon after the first snowfall.

All I saw over there was blue skies and clouds shaped like small islands, forming their own cloud universe. I must tell you that Saturday morning was so hard for me. I did not hear you stirring  in the wee hours to pee on the floor or the patter of your beautiful, furry feet. I missed your early morning, low pitched woofs telling me you wanted to go out into the dewey morning darkness and walk over to Tracy and John’s to sniff the doggie smells over there. I will never make the adjustment of you not being here because I still hear you as I lay down to sleep and I saw you just as I knew I would.

Where, you ask?? On the plane. We were in a completely cloudy neighborhood up there and yet, at my seat, I was right at the wing. I saw a bright light patch playfully stretching up and down the left wing, right outside my window in a small, shiny shape and I said, ” Hello Bailey” – Did you hear me? I thought I even saw your gorgeous long nose that I kissed 100 times a day. My friend Carrie told me a story yesterday about her gorgeous, 4-year old son Eli. When their one Golden Retriever, Lilly, died suddenly, Carrie was very sad and Eli was even a little younger at the time. Carrie’s great-grandmother had also died that same year. Eli saw that Carrie was very sad because she could not hug Lilly. In his infinite wisdom, Eli says to her: Mommy it’s okay because Lilly’s in heaven and even though you can’t hug her grandma can! At that instant Carrie knew that someday she would see her beloved Lilly again and she felt better and it helped her through her grieving process. Isn’t that a nice story Bailey?

I sort of felt that way too on Saturday when I saw you as that spot of bright light. Was that you walking on the wing to tell me you were in a sunny place and you were okay? I hope I was right. Since I was always right about you, I think that I am. Selfishly, I would want you with me forever, physically, but we all know none of us have that ability and I am completely confident that we will be together someday. Safari is snoring over here next to me as I write this and I know he misses you too.  Well, I want to see if you have a letter for me too….I love you Bailey. Visit me often. I cannot be without your sweetness. Love forever, Mommy


Of COURSE that was ME, your favorite doggie girl in the universe! I knew you would see me up there and you are right, there was no light anywhere else on that plane on either side, because I saw you looking around and I also saw that you only had two pieces of Kleenex and that you needed more and didn’t have any. You were crying so hard and I felt bad for you…I miss waking you up too and sniffing around over there, but you would not BELIEVE how many scents are over HERE! That IS why they call it Heaven…!

I know you went to the store yesterday and almost turned left to go to the park instead of right to the store. I saw that haha! You are so attuned to having me in the car and heading for the park, it’s like you are on auto-pilot! I know you must be lonely without me in the car. I also heard you and daddy talking over dinner last night! I heard you say that there would never be another dog as beautiful as me. Mommy, I just have to say you are the best, most loyal parent to us furry kids in the whole world. As you say, All My Children have Paws! Well, of course you know the furry children with paws are WAYYYYY better than the ones with two legs. We have unconditional love and we do not care about anything about love, food shelter, fun, play and sleep! I also heard daddy say, that Collies are the most beautiful which is what you always said. I could see you with a collie, although they weigh more than me! I know you love us furry ones, no short haired doggie for you! I will find you one someday – but not now. I want you to go to France like you planned. I know you cancelled that trip because of me–of course I was WAYYYY more important! I will meet you there! You said you wanted to take me with because I would love it and that there are dogs everywhere!

I don’t know where I was as a puppy, but I never had a better time than in the last 3-1/2 years that is for sure. It is totally fun over here too. Do you want me to look for Carrie’s Lilly? I have not found Tarzan, Cheetah and Freedom yet (I have to go to the cat side), but guess who found me right away? BARKLEY!  She is happy and I am herding her around and protecting here from the bigger dogs. I always loved her smell. She is so crazy and runs around like a race track just like she did in the yards; those Jack Russell’s have much energy. Her neck was all fine and she looked perfect. She told me to tell John and Tracy thank you for rescuing her out of the mailbox last winter and giving her a home and although it was too short a time, she is okay and happy to have found me. She introduced me to a few other small dogs who were nice named Roxy and Marty.

I am meeting Bingo Foley today. Two beautiful dogs named Ginger and Cocoa came right up to me yesterday and asked if I was related to you or April Foley. I said yes, April is my aunty! I found out that “Ging” and Cocoa were her dogs before Bingo. They know what area he hangs out  in and we are all having lunch today. We all want beef stew. So you tell Aunt April and Mike that they love them and miss ’em too and they also asked me if they could be part of the letters in case they had anything they wanted to share with them. I said I was sure you would not mind. I already know you are saying, as you read this, “of course not.” I will report back about our lunch. I told Barkley to join us too, I think I am just going to adopt her cause she follows me around anyway – she is just so cute and crazy – I want to find her a nice boyfriend! ha!

I want you to know that even though I won’t be in the back of the van on the drive to FL, you will see me. I will be there and you will know. Check the rest stops, especially cause there are lots of dogs there and you know me, Ms. Social busy body has to check everyone out–well only the nice ones, remember you and I can easily tell the good ones from the bad, fur or no fur! I love you so much mommy. KISSES! Nose to Nose!

Yours in love always, Bailey